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3 Tips to Avoid Deflection When Pressing

October 27, 2022 Viega
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Each type of connection has its intricacies when installing, and when using press technology, deflection is something that can happen. With deflection, the connection is still secure, with no risk of failure or issues with the joint, but it does leave an impression on the quality of the work.

A key skill that installers learn as part of their craft is how to correct deflection. If they haven’t been properly trained in press, they don’t know how to correct deflection right off the bat. By learning the tips and tricks to avoid or correct deflection when pressing, you ensure that the fitting systems are installed plumb, level, and square and you can take pride in the art you leave behind.

With press technology, the pressing is a part of the action since the jaw and press interact with one another. Here are three tips to help you avoid deflection when pressing.

  1. Know which way the pipe is likely to move based on the jaw or ring you are using to join the fitting. The fittings will move towards the openings of the rings or jaws.
  2. When using the actuator, remember that the fitting pressed with a ring will come towards you, while the fitting pressed with a jaw will go away from you.
  3. Counteract the pressing force by alternating sides with each press. This will help keep the pipe straight, plumb, and level, every time.

Refining your skills and learning the proper techniques will help you be a better technician and install a better product.

At Viega’s seminar centers in New Hampshire and Colorado, we offer custom in-person training workshops for installation and application skills. You can gain key relevant experience in the learning center and learn how to properly press to avoid deflection and create the perfect pressed connections. If you can’t make it to one of our seminar centers, our credentialed online training platform has accredited courses for installation skills on both MegaPress and ProPress.

For a video tutorial on how to avoid deflection when pressing, click the link below

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