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Are Press-On Plumbing Fittings Reliable?

February 19, 2019 Viega
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Press plumbing fittings are fast to install, don’t need hot work permits and may seem like the perfect solution. But you might be wondering, are they actually dependable?

We’ll help you learn the ins and outs of press-on plumbing fittings so you’re ready to answer the question, ‘Are press-on plumbing fittings reliable?’

The Simple Answer Is Yes — and Here’s Why

Consider the fact that an eighth-inch crack in a pipe can release around 250 gallons of water in single day, or that failures in plumbing systems cost an average of $5,092 per incident once deductibles are paid.

The proof is in the statistics. If you’re concerned about the reliability of pipe connections, you’re right to feel this way. Yet with press plumbing fittings, these concerns subside. Traditional techniques leave more room for manual errors and inconsistencies, whereas press plumbing fittings seamlessly join every pipe in plumbing systems to enhance their operations.

While different brands of press-on plumbing fittings come with their own unique features, they are bonded in their ability to deliver more secure connections. With the press of a button, a mechanical press tool presses a system-matched fitting onto a pipe and applies the force needed to form a permanent, watertight joint. This means all press connections are consistent, no matter the experience or skill of the installer.

At Viega, we also understand the value of wanting to verify the security of these pipe joints. That’s why we’ve created our Smart Connect® technology, which makes it easy for installers to locate unpressed connections without having to drain the system.

Already the standard in Europe and used worldwide, millions of Viega press fittings have been installed, with almost no failure rate when the proper guidelines are followed.

What Greater Reliability Means for Your Projects

With this degree of reliability in pipe connections, project stakeholders can see numerous benefits in the short and long term. The more secure plumbing systems are, the less prone they are to water damage and subsequent costs for repairs—a total that can quickly add up.

To learn more about how Viega press fittings deliver on this promise, download a copy of our eBook, How Viega ProPress Helps You Grow & Succeed in the Market.

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