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Can You Rotate a Pressed Fitting?

May 17, 2023 Viega
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Rotating a press fitting is sometimes necessary to achieve the desired position or alignment if proper planning wasn’t established from the beginning or if corrections to the assembly need to be made on the spot. However, rotating a press fitting can result in serious injuries and damages to the pipe or system if done incorrectly. When working with ProPress or MegaPress fittings, there are three key things to remember about rotating fittings that will ensure success.

  1. Do not place a pipe wrench or channel locks on the fitting, always place on the pipe or tubing for stability and use the pipe or tubing as leverage to position the fitting in the desired orientation.
  2. Make sure that you are not rotating a fitting while it’s under pressure. Rotate the fitting before the system is running or has been properly decommissioned for service.
  3. Always test connections after rotating to ensure they are secure.

If you rotate a Viega ProPress copper or stainless fitting more than five degrees, it must be re-pressed and you will need to ensure proper alignment of the press jaws for ½” to 2” sizes, meaning the flat sides on the jaw must align with the flat sides of the fitting. Line up the pattern in the jaw with the fitting – flat on flat, high-point to high-point.

MegaPress is approved for use as a swing joint, and the fitting is constructed of a grip ring, separator ring, and sealing element. During operation, the fitting is able to turn, and it can move across the three parts without damaging the seal. MegaPress fittings, because of the unique design, can be turned and rotated without having to re-press, but connections should always be tested to ensure they are secure.

PureFlow PEX fittings are the exception – we recommend that installers avoid rotating the fittings once the connection has been completed. If you attempt to rotate the fitting, the barbs (ribs) on the fittings inside the PEX tubing can cause unnecessary wear and degradation. Viega PureFlow PEX Press poly fittings are designed with anti-rotation barbs to prevent this from happening.

Unlike soldered or welded fittings, press fittings can be rotated after installing. By

using the proper tools and equipment, following guidelines, and taking the necessary precautions, you can successfully rotate press fittings with confidence.


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