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Double stem seals and design make Viega ProPress ball valves the best

May 16, 2022 Viega
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Viega ProPress ball valves are the solution for contractors looking for longevity, ease of installation and reliability. Previously available only in ½" to 2", they are now available in 2½" to 4" for use with copper and stainless CTS pipe.

Designed to withstand tough jobsite conditions and ensure connections across entire systems, all ProPress ball valves are equipped with Viega’s Smart Connect® technology, which makes it easy to identify unpressed connections.


What makes Viega ball valves different?

Viega ProPress ball valves are better than the competition for several reasons:

Double stem seals

Double stem seals are superior to packing nuts in durability, longevity and leak prevention in most applications because they do not deteriorate and leak. Unlike packing nuts, double stem seals do not need to be constantly tightened, which can save hours of labor and prolong the life of the valve.

Double EPDM seals between the handle and ball are standard on Viega's 2-piece valves. They are installed with a static seal, eliminating any wear-and-tear issues. EPDM is a synthetic, cured, all-purpose elastomer with excellent resistance to chemicals and other harsh environmental conditions. With operating temperatures from 0°F to 250°F, it is suitable for any type of water application, as well as compressed air and ketones.

Bottom-loaded blowout-proof stem

Viega bottom-loaded stems are inserted from inside the valve body to prevent blowouts and ensure stem sealing safety, reliability and improve overall maintenance.


The zero-lead bronze and brass alloys Viega uses in its ball valves increase corrosion resistance and provide superior wear-resistant properties and strength. Silicon bronze materials are inherently antimicrobial and will passively defend against the spread of germs. Silicon bronze is also an exceptionally resistant, strong material.

Press end design

Viega press-ends are designed to work with press jaws and rings to ensure reliability and consistency in presses. This eliminates undue stresses that could crack or damage other generic press valves during this process.


How to perform valve maintenance

Proper maintenance is key to ensuring valve longevity and reliable operation. Viega recommends the following routine:

  • Clean the outside of the valve and flush the inside
  • Inspect on a regular basis
  • Exercise the valve by opening and closing it
  • Regularly check operation of the valve
  • Check for any damage caused by location, environment or operational parameters


Types of Viega ProPress ball valves:

Types of Viega ProPress Ball Valves

Using press fittings and valves engineered and manufactured by Viega means contractors no longer have to mix and match products of varying quality from different manufacturers. Instead, they can rely on only the Viega brand and its proven reputation for quality.

To learn more about Viega’s ProPress ball valves click here.

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