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Finding the Right Fittings and Valves for Residential

March 6, 2024 Viega
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Residential 101

Whether you’re working on repair and retrofit jobs or installing a whole new system, residential projects can cover a lot of ground.

Once you’re called out to a job, you typically want to identify the issue and present options for the fix. Most clients like to hear a good-better-best model, giving them budgetary and timeline flexibility. For example, if you find a leak, you might recommend simply fixing the leak, a partial repipe or a total repipe, depending on the exact scenario.

Viega residential solutions offer the options and results you need to tackle anything from a simple leak to a total reline with consistent quality every step of the way.

PEX Tubing for Residential Jobs

PEX systems are becoming increasingly popular. That's why you want to choose the right system for the job. press system offers fast, efficient connections and the highest UV and chlorine resistance available. Every fitting and valve is engineered and tested to a higher standard, delivering superior quality and reliability on every job. That means fewer callbacks and happier clients for your business.

Another reason the Viega PureFlow press system is a great option for residential builds is that it allows you to press on wet systems without open flames. Your client will love hearing they don’t need to shut off their water or worry about potential safety hazards. Once installed, you can immediately pressure test with air or water to ensure a quality connection every time.

Also, with PEX tubing becoming more popular, our PureFlow system and copper-to-PEX transition fittings give you the compatibility you need for seamless transitions.

Saving Time and Money on the Job

The ability to make faster connections is huge for your bottom line. Not only can you complete jobs faster, but you can also fit more work into your day. Pressing also means fewer consumables and cleaner worksites, which is a big advantage when you’re working in someone’s living space.

You can also save time and money when you install Viega ManaBloc, acomplete water distribution system. ManaBloc delivers centralized control over the entire system, reducing the number of fittings needed and overall water waste.

Ultimately, by saving time, you also reduce labor needs, which is beneficial when you’re operating with a small team or training younger members.

Ready to Spec Viega on Your Next Residential Job?

When you choose Viega residential solutions for your next job, you get more than a high-performing system that saves you time and money. You also get a team that offers the resources and support you need to take on a variety of jobs. Check out our Engineering Services for more information on how Viega can add value to your next project.


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