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How Pressing Can Save Time as you get Back to Work

June 23, 2020 Viega
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As stay-at-home restrictions ease and the economy picks up, many contractors face a backlog of projects and pent-up demand to begin jobs.

Pressing pipe will help meet that demand and make it more effective to compensate for months of slow business. Pressing is simply faster than traditional methods of joining pipe, like threading and soldering. It saves hours, days and even weeks of labor on larger projects, freeing up contractors to move onto the next job or work on multiple jobs simultaneously.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Listen to contractors who use Viega fittings:

“We figure that using Viega saved us at least two weeks, being able to just cut the pipe and press. It looks very professional. I had more than 500 joints on a project and there was not a single issue with any of them.” --Bryce Mannek, President, Blue Line Plumbing, Utah

“An average socket-weld fitting is about an hour and a half per fitting, where with MegaPress, you’ve got less than 10 minutes total for one fitting. Multiply that by 8,000 or 10,000 fittings … it’s a tremendous labor and time savings.” -- William Mann, Pipe Fitting Supervisor, St. Johns Ship Building, Florida

In addition to time, pressing requires less labor. Threading usually means only a single installer can make connections at a time. Typically, a second worker is tied up running the threader, making cuts and delivering pieces to the installer. Pressing connections requires only one worker, freeing up others to make connections or perform other jobs.

And pressing isn’t dependent on weather or other factors that might be out of a contractor’s control, so connections can be done in any conditions, which also speeds things up.

Coming out of shutdown, contractors need to give themselves every advantage to compete. Pressing is an easy edge.

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