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How to Correctly Install PureFlow PEX

September 28, 2021 Viega
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There are a lot of reasons why contractors like PureFlow PEX. It’s tough, durable, easy to install and has a cargo van full of applications.

While PEX – because of its flexibility – is more forgiving than metal pipe, you should still take care handling and installing this system so it performs at maximum efficiency.

Here are some useful installation requirements and best practices to follow when using PureFlow PEX:

• The installer should be a qualified installer, licensed within the jurisdiction, and familiar with the installation of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubing systems.
• PureFlow PEX tubing should not exceed an eight times the tubing outside diameter (OD) free bend radius or a five times the tubing OD supported bend radius, with use of a Viega approved bend support. Use fittings for changes in direction where the bend radius is exceeded and for branch fittings.
• Horizontal PureFlow tubing must be supported every 32" with Viega-approved suspension clips or plastic insulators.
• Vertical PureFlow tubing must be supported at each floor or ceiling penetration and every 4' in between.
• PureFlow PEX should be cut squarely with a PEX tubing cutter.
• Provide allowance for thermal expansion and contraction of tubing passing through a wall, floor, ceiling or partition by wrapping with pipe insulation or by installing through an appropriately sized sleeve.
• PureFlow press connections must be made with an approved ratcheting hand tool or pressing tool. PureFlow crimp fittings must be made with an approved full-circle crimp tool.
• If PureFlow is buried, the backfill material must be free of large rocks, glass or any sharp objects which can damage the tubing.
• PureFlow PEX should be protected from direct and indirect sunlight exposure during storage and installation.

Follow these instructions for a trouble-free installation. For a complete list of PureFlow engineering specs, click here.

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