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Hungry for More Uptime: How Viega is Changing the Food and Beverage Industry

May 28, 2024 Viega
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Typically, when someone is browsing at the grocery store or sitting down to dinner, they don’t think about where their favorite drink or freshly cooked meal comes from. They just trust that it will be there when they need it. When joining friends for happy hour at a brewery, while you might admire the industrial aesthetic, you probably won't consider the hours of engineering and labor that went into it.

Taking a closer look at any of these things may surprise you. There are in fact countless details that go into ensuring your favorite food and beverages are readily and safely available when you need them.

Installing Piping Systems in Food and Beverage Plants

From specific safety codes to new sustainability regulations, food and beverage plants come with an entirely unique set of standards and considerations. At Viega, our solutions are engineered to maximize uptime and the ability of food and beverage facilities to deliver the products consumers depend on.

Viega systems feature multiple alloys for different applications. For instance, Viega ProPress® copper is suitable for walkable ceilings with transitions to ProPress Stainless for the production environment.

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Clean Installation & NSF Rating

When you’re in the business of processing and handling food, cleanliness is a top priority. Viega’s flameless connections mean no consumables, open flames or other potential contaminants are brought into the installation. Viega press fittings adhere to rigorous testing and standards. Our solutions feature the NSF 61 rating for drinking water system components, as well as the NSF 372 rating for lead content, and utilize hygienic friendly 316 alloys for washdown environments.

Aside from our potable water ratings, Viega offers systems that are B31 code-compliant, meaning they’re safe for process, power and utility piping. Viega systems are also approved for use with deionized and reverse osmosis water, sanitizers, safety showers, compressed air, nitrogen, vacuum and many more.

All Viega fittings are ISO-9001 compliant, meaning they adhere to strict manufacturing and engineering standards that deliver quality in every connection.

Time is of the Essence

When it comes to keeping the country supplied with growing food and beverage necessities, maintaining tight timelines is crucial. Every second counts on the floor, whether handling a repair, a line clean-up or a new build. This is why making a consistent, quality connection in seconds is as non-negotiable as your favorite brand of soda.

From being able to get deliveries and stock fulfillment done on time to ensuring timely access to basic necessities, these plants are essential to the livelihood and well-being of many Americans. Producer of salad dressings, sauces and marinades, Ken’s Foods Inc. saw firsthand the benefits of Viega systems. Senior Project Engineer Mark Shaye shared, "The main reason I wanted to have ProPress Stainless and ProPress installed was because we were on a very tight schedule.”

Mark saved up to 25% on his installation time. Viega maximizes uptime to help people get the resources they need, when and where they need them.

Aesthetics Matter

When visiting a trendy new brewery or winery with exposed piping or taking a tour of a plant floor, while you may not still consider the labor behind the design, you probably will notice whether the systems are clean or not. This cleanliness, first and foremost, emphasizes the quality of the materials in the systems, but it also evokes a sense of confidence and security in the viewer.

Viega fittings and systems look uniform and aesthetically pleasing in any application. Whether your facility is being reviewed by the FDA or visited by brewery aficionados, the cleanliness and consistency of Viega products create an enjoyable environment and the confidence that all materials are being handled with caution.

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When it comes to manufacturing plants, there are more regulations than ever to reduce pollution and environmental contaminants. More and more corporations are implementing new ESG initiatives to promote more eco-friendly practices.

Pipe joining with Viega press technology eliminates the need for toxic solvents and fumes that are typically present with traditional methods. Due to the speed of installation with press technology, Viega can help reduce the amount of product waste caused by disruptive downtime. Talk to one of our Viega representatives to help improve compressed air efficiencies, help maintain ESG standards and lessen environmental impact.

Why Choose MegaPress and ProPress for a Food & Beverage Plant

For all the reasons previously mentioned, there is no margin for error when specifying and installing pipe fittings in a food and beverage plant. MegaPress and ProPress are engineered to perform and stand up under the toughest conditions and come equipped with Smart Connect® technology to immediately identify unpressed connections, so you can build and commission on the same day.


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With the ability to be pressed in seconds, all Viega solutions maximize uptime and provide optimal performance on every job. Our commitment to excellence extends to our full offering of fittings and our recently expanded valve portfolio, delivering the versatility and compatibility you need.

Spec Viega on Your Next Food & Beverage Job

Questions? Reach out to our Engineering Services team.


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