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Installing a Potable Water System? Use These 3 Materials

June 4, 2019 Viega
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You want safe drinking water, right? Then it’s time to talk materials.

While material choice always matters in piping systems, this is especially relevant to potable water systems. Only the best lead-free options will exclude the potential for comprised potable water systems — ones that could harbor microbial growth and put human health at risk.

So which materials are best suited for this application?

1. Copper

Copper is recognized as a versatile solution for potable water systems. This material combines a strong expected lifespan with a natural resistance to microbes and bacteria. In fact, very small concentrations of copper ions can have a toxic effect on dangerous microbes like E. coli.

The System: Viega ProPress® Copper

Viega ProPress copper is approved for use in potable water systems throughout the residential, commercial and industrial spaces. Recognized as a pipe fitting system that meets the Safe Drinking Water Act requirements, Viega ProPress copper is available in more than 600 configurations, with copper tube sizes from ½" to 4". Factory-installed EPDM sealing elements ensure long-term operation in these systems.

2. Stainless Steel

Developed through the addition of chromium and other metal additives to a carbon steel alloy, stainless steel builds upon the benefits of steel and adds another layer of corrosion resistance. The tough, smooth surface of the material also enhances flow velocities to reduce stagnation in potable water systems.

The System: Viega MegaPress® Stainless and ProPress® Stainless

Viega MegaPress Stainless and ProPress Stainless pipe fittings are available in two lead-free grades: 304 and 316. The latter is engineered for potable water systems in commercial and industrial environments, with more than 200 configurations available in sizes ½" to 4". EPDM sealing elements are also used in this case to optimize performance.

3. PEX

By nature, cross-linking improves the physical properties of polyethylene, from stronger durability to increased chemical resistance. The high-performance polymers in PEX, combined with the flexibility of the material, make it a viable option for potable water systems.

The System: Viega PureFlow®

Viega PureFlow pairs the highest-rated PEX tubing on the market with precision-made, lead-free fittings. The result is a complete PEX system for potable water distribution that supports multiple installation methods and is approved for both residential and commercial applications.

No matter the type of potable water system you need to install, Viega can meet your needs. With well-engineered pipe systems available in copper, stainless steel and PEX (and design services to guide plumbing projects), you’ll have the resources you need to deliver and maintain healthy drinking water. To learn more, contact the Viega sales team today

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