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It's all about the timing - Contractor Spotlight: Mike Flynn

May 1, 2023 Viega
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Years of experience: 15
Current employer: First Choice Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Metuchen, NJ,
They say timing is everything. In 2008, Mike Flynn had just completed his degree in criminal
justice and was looking for a job. When a friend learned that Mike was still looking for work, he
offered him a job working for a small plumbing company. Fifteen years later, Flynn doubts he’ll
ever return to criminal justice.
Flynn has been using Viega products for most of his career. He described working for a small
"Mom & Pop" company with a Marriott contract. He learned how to use ProPress while making
repairs. Most of the jobs Flynn currently works on are residential projects, with some light
commercial work. Flynn says that he uses ProPress in most of his jobs and MegaPress when
relocating a gas line is required or needed in a retrofit.
Flynn talked about the importance of knowing how to install a ProPress fitting properly.
"Soldering has its place, and it's an important skill for any plumber to learn," said Flynn.
"Using ProPress, every fitting is marked, and I never have to worry about a leak. When
the ProPress fittings are put together correctly, it can save a lot of time and money. Plus, it is a
great finished look."
What are your go-to tools and favorite Viega fittings? "Favorite tool, Ridgid RP 351. Favorite
Viega fitting, ¾” Crossover coupling.”
"People get into the trades for one of two reasons: income or outcome. For me, it's about the
outcome. I love putting things together and transforming a mechanical room. I love seeing the
look on the customer's face and hearing them say, 'Wow.'"
Follow and learn more from Mike Flynn on Instagram @flynnstone1.

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