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Keeping Kids Cool and Comfortable for a New Day Care Center in Connecticut

June 15, 2023 Viega
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Foreman Wayne Smith and his team at Tarzia Group are working on a new construction project that plays an important part in their community. They are helping build a new 10,000 sq. ft. daycare facility in Cheshire, Connecticut, near the historic center of town. They are installing nine A/C units on the roof to keep the daycare center comfortable year-round.

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Smith says that running all the lines they needed up to the roof would have taken a week or longer using traditional joining methods. With Viega, he and his team were able to complete the work in just a couple of days. “We love this tool and the fittings you provide. It only took us a day and a half to run the piping for the nine air conditioning units. We’ll connect and tie in the main and gas lines later this month. It made our job a lot easier,” said Smith.

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Smith said they are using MegaPress gas fittings throughout this project, specifically MegaPressG 1-1/2" tees and 90° elbows on the roof.

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Using MegaPressG fittings in gas-fired appliances such as air conditioning units, rather than threaded fittings, is not only beneficial from a timing perspective but also provides a heightened sense of reliability. The zinc-nickel coating on MegaPress fittings gives you a more corrosion resistant connection for outdoor applications.

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Smith, a plumber since 2004, has been using Viega products for about ten years. A friend of his owned a press tool and needed to install a hot water unit but had never used Viega products before. “Once I learned how to press, I've never gone back,” said Smith.


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