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Solar Savings Made Possible by Viega ProPress

July 24, 2018 Viega
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Solar savings help reduce utility bills. This has led many homeowners to embrace the use of solar water heaters, an energy-efficient alternative to gas and electric heaters. With hot water as an essential part of our daily lives, it’s no surprise water heaters account for a significant percentage of a home’s energy use (17 percent, on average). 

These systems have proven to deliver considerable solar savings. As Energy Star® notes, a solar water heater has the potential to cut a household’s water heating costs in half. For the average household, this translates into a $317 annual water heating bill reduced to around $160.

Viega ProPress® Meets the Demands of Large Solar Thermal Project

As the popularity of solar water heaters has increased, so has the size of the projects. One example is the U.S. Army’s Schofield Barracks. Located in Hawaii, the facility consists of eight buildings with 560 solar collectors and seven mechanical rooms featuring custom skid-mounted pumping stations.

As one of the oldest solar manufacturers in the United States, AET Solar took on the role of installing solar water heaters in the military facility. The purpose of these systems is to deliver hot water to part of the barracks.

When it came to installation of the heaters, AET Solar was on the hunt for a secure, durable and labor-saving means of pipe connections. This initiative led them to work exclusively with Viega ProPress Copper and Viega ProPress Stainless—a decision they were pleased with based on the long-term savings.

The use of Viega ProPress helped save thousands and thousands of dollars in labor on a project of this scale. And with large flow rates and large-diameter tubes required, a press solution avoided the cumbersome process of having to sweat these tubes on the roof in hot, windy conditions.

With these solar water heaters in place, the U.S. Army anticipates tremendous financial savings. After all, solar thermal solutions can deliver 70 to 100 percent of water heating needs. Combined with the significant size of the military base and plenty of Hawaiian sunshine, major solar savings are in store for this expansive facility.

Viega Fittings and Solar Thermal Heating: A Perfect Match

The solar water heater market has been on the rise for several years. With the intent of ensuring greater efficiency and cost savings, it’s important that the components used to build these systems support such sustainable efforts.

Viega systems align with these goals. Fast, reliable connections help save on installation time and costs, giving businesses the opportunity to take on larger projects and continue to grow within the market.

Interested to see more examples of our products in action? Browse our project profiles section.

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