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Find the Right Material for Your Fire Protection System

August 6, 2019 Viega
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What is the best Viega material for fire protection systems?

A. Carbon steel

B. Stainless steel

C. Copper


If this seems like a trick question, that’s because it is. Depending on the environment where a fire protection system is installed, any one of these answers could be the right choice.

Rather than leave guesswork for installers, we wanted to help answer the question of when to use each material.

Carbon Steel

Among materials for commercial and industrial fire protection systems, carbon steel is the most popular choice. Along with its ability to withstand harsh temperatures, carbon steel’s high tensile strength ensures safety amid the high pressures of industrial processes and equipment.

Stainless Steel

Whenever you have an industrial space that needs to be disinfected on a daily basis — food processing is one example — stainless steel should be used for fire protection systems. Whereas heavy bleach and other cleaners can damage the surface of other materials, stainless steel is chemical-resistant.

In corrosion-based environments like a galvanizing plant, there are particles in the air that can attack carbon steel and weaken pipe systems. That’s why stainless steel is the recommended material under these conditions as well.


Copper is a viable option for fire sprinkler systems in commercial spaces. Approved under National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, this material quickly moves heat away to avoid surface defects and retains its strength in the face of rising temperatures.


While PEX is commonly used for domestic water distribution, it may also be used for fire protection systems in one- and two-family dwellings, per the applicable fire protection standards. This material combines high-temperature capabilities and resistance to corrosion with the benefit of enhanced flexibility (more so than its CPVC counterpart) for design and installation.

Choose the Viega System that Meets Your Needs

No matter what type of environment you’re working in, Viega offers a solution that meets the needs of your fire suppression system.

Take your pick:

A. Viega MegaPress for carbon steel

B. Viega ProPress or Viega MegaPress for stainless steel

C. Viega ProPress for copper

D. Viega PureFlow for PEX

If you're installing a fire protection system for residential use, our design services team can help.

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