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More Options for MegaPress Ball Valves: Expanded Sizes and 2-piece Configurations

April 20, 2023 Viega
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New MegaPress check valves and ProPress balancing valves create a complete solution for contractors 

Viega has added new sizing for ball valves to the MegaPress system. Always innovating to bring professionals tools that they need to complete any job, the new 2-piece configuration for the MegaPress Ball Valve gives contractors a more economical option to use Viega MegaPress on projects that don’t require a 3-piece ball valve.

The Viega MegaPress portfolio offers maintenance-free MegaPress ball valves that enable fast, safe, and efficient installation from ½” to 4".

When working with a larger diameter pipe, you usually have to move from threading to welding. The new MegaPressG Ball Valve is a 2-piece valve that swaps out brass for the steel body with zinc nickel coating. The valve has a 3-point ISO actuator mounting pad with a control valve and lockable handle. The larger diameter valves feature an HNBR sealing element at the press ends, compatible with fuel and gas applications and available in sizes 2½ to 4”.

Fast, flameless, efficient

For harsh environments that require higher operating temperatures, the MegaPress FKM Ball Valve (Model: 5970) comes in ½” to 2” sizing and can be used with Sch. 5 to 40 steel pipe. It has a stainless steel ball, FKM sealing elements, and a lockable metal handle. The 2½” to 4” values have a chrome-plated ball along with the carbon steel body and SST lockable handle. The MegaPress 304 FKM Ball Valve comes in ½” to 4” sizing and features a stainless steel body, double stem seal, and a stainless steel ball and lockable handle.

The MegaPress 316 Ball Valve comes in ½” to 4” sizing with an EPDM sealing element. This valve works in a variety of harsh environments, including cleaning agents, acid, and potable water. It has a 316 stainless steel body, a double-stem seal, a steel ball, and a lockable handle. MegaPress 316 spring check valves are a valuable addition to the MegaPress 316 portfolio and carry an NSF®-61-372 listing.

Checks and balances

Check valves are an important part of a pump system, and they can stop media from backflowing to the pump and keep it from flowing in a specific direction. The new MegaPress 316 Check Valve (EPDM Sealing Element) is ideal for industrial applications, including potable water, rainwater, and chilled and hydronic water.

The Viega ProPress Manual Balancing Valve features an adjustable handle with an integral scale visible on the side used to increase or decrease the flow rate. The two pressure-test ports are used to measure the differential pressure across the seat of the valve, which can be used to calculate the flow rate. The ProPress Manual Balancing Valve is suitable for commercial applications, including potable and hydronic systems.

To learn more about the full line of Viega valves, click here.

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