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New Viega MegaPress, MegaPressG and ProPress valves complete press plumbing systems

January 19, 2022 Viega
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Viega is adding to its lineup of MegaPress®, MegaPressG® and ProPress® valves to become the complete press system solution for contractors.

Using press fittings and valves engineered and manufactured by Viega means contractors no longer have to mix and match products from different manufacturers. Instead, they can rely on only the Viega brand, which introduced pressing to North America and continues to lead the industry.

Viega valves are made to the same quality standards as its press fittings and are approved for a wide range of uses.

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Here is a breakdown of Viega's new valves:

MegaPressG valves

MegaPressGFamily17_EDITED copy

Like MegaPressG fittings, the new MegaPressG valves are designed for oil and gas applications and can withstand harsh, corrosive mediums. They are available in ½" to 2" with larger sizes to come later this year. Other features include:

  • Carbon steel alloy with corrosion-resistant zinc nickel coating
  • HNBR sealing element for fuels and gases (for a guide to sealing elements, go here)
  • For use with ASTM Schedule 5 to Schedule 40 carbon steel pipe
  • Can reduce labor costs by up to 90%

MegaPress valves


Viega now manufactures MegaPress 3-piece ball valves in 2½" to 4" for carbon and stainless steel pipe pressing systems. Previously they were available only in ½" to 2".

The valves are approved for all MegaPress applications, excluding natural gas. The carbon steel valve is available with EPDM or FKM sealing elements. The 304 stainless steel valve has an FKM sealing element while the 316 stainless steel valve has an EPDM sealing element.

Faster, easier and flame-free installation of valves will make industrial maintenance and installation programs more efficient by minimizing downtime and keeping projects on schedule.

A Guide to Viega MegaPress Valves


ProPress valves


Viega ProPress valves are now available in 2½" to 4" for use with copper and stainless CTS pipe. Previously they were available only in ½" to 2".

Approved for potable water, hydronic water and many other applications, they come in a variety of configurations, including ball, check and butterfly. Zero lead, brass and stainless alloys are available.

All valves are designed to withstand tough jobsite conditions and ensure connections across entire systems. All are equipped with Viega's Smart Connect® technology, which makes it easy to identify unpressed connections.

To learn more about Viega's complete offering for valves, click the link below.

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