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Press Technology vs. Traditional Methods

May 25, 2023 Viega
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At Viega, we’ve pioneered the use of press technology in joining pipes over traditional methods like welding and soldering in the U.S. Viega’s first press tool was created in 1989 in Germany via a joint venture between Viega and a Swiss company, Von Arx (which was later acquired by Emerson). We have continued to expand and develop our line of fittings and valves to make press technology available for multiple applications. We want to provide plumbers and contractors with a full suite of products so they can use press for any job. Despite using this technology since the 1990s, some still consider press technology “new.”

Colton Henkowski, one of Viega’s technical training consultants, recently sat down with GB&D Magazine and outlined five ways press technology differs from traditional joining methods:

  1. It saves time.
  2. It’s safer.
  3. It’s more reliable.
  4. It’s easy to learn.
  5. It can be used almost anywhere.

“In Europe, it’s been around longer than the U.S. In Europe, the plumbing market is \80 to 85% press versus traditional, and here in America, we are 20 to 25% press versus traditional,” says Henkowski. “Huge companies and hospitals use it. There are press fittings in the Pentagon, and in a lot of really important places you may not necessarily see.”

Read more of Colton’s conversation here.

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