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Pressing on a Residential Build

October 19, 2023 Viega
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If you’re in the skilled trades, you’re familiar with the labor shortage and all its implications on jobs big and small. With fewer people entering the workforce, crews are strained, and timelines are falling behind. This makes creating efficiencies and reducing setbacks more important than ever.

On a residential build, the labor shortage is a major pain point for contractors and clients alike. Couple that with supply chain issues and completing projects on time and on budget is more difficult than ever.

That’s why innovations like Viega press solutions make all the difference. You can make fast, flameless connections in seconds without chemicals or consumables. Quick and simple to execute, pressing enables a strained workforce to work smarter under difficult constraints.

Another major benefit of press technology on residential builds is the built-in tool compatibility. Press tools are engineered to work across copper, stainless and PEX applications, meaning professionals only need one tool to complete the job. This makes equipping a crew easier and results in less jobsite clutter.

When talking residential, you might first think of the PureFlow® system. Professionals have come to trust the PureFlow PEX system for residential applications due to its durability and reliability. It’s the only system in the industry that offers press transition fittings so you can effortlessly go from PEX to copper in traditional branch and tee installs. Another benefit is the ManaBloc® system, which is engineered to reduce the number of fittings behind the wall. ManaBloc delivers a centralized manifold with PEX tubing lines for each fixture. This reduces the risk of leaks or failures and makes for easier repairs when needed.

While PEX tubing is widely used throughout residential builds, MegaPress® G and ProPress® systems also cover a wide range of residential applications. One of the many advantages of pressing with Viega is that we have the products you need to cover a full residential build’s requirements. Both MegaPressG and ProPress can be used within a home’s heating and cooling system, enhancing temperature control and energy efficiency. We also carry ball valve options for ProPress, MegaPressG and PureFlow, ensuring total system compatibility.

Not only does Viega provide the variety you need, but every fitting is tested prior to leaving our facilities. Our superior standards ensure that you get premium quality in every press.

Beyond the product level, our sales team works tirelessly to help you get the products and inventory you need, when and where you need them. By dealing with one supplier, balancing your books and managing your inventory is a smoother process. Our team of experts goes above and beyond to deliver the resources and support you need throughout every step of your residential build.

Questions? Reach out to Viega Training and Support at 800-976-9819 to get started on your next home build or connect with one of our experts here.

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