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Residential Boiler Projects Made Simpler With Viega

January 12, 2023 Viega
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Residential boiler projects can range from simple repairs to full replacements. Working in residential environments presents its own challenges and contractors need to be able to work efficiently and with tools that will get the job done right the first time. Read on to see some recent examples of residential boiler work completed using Viega fittings.

Contractor Justin Angelo from True Blue Mechanical used Viega ProPress on a residential project that converted a traditional boiler to a tankless, natural gas combination boiler, which provided both radiant heat and endless hot water to a home.


“We spec Viega fittings for every project, especially for tankless boiler installations,” said Angelo. “This project involved converting a boiler from fuel oil to natural gas, so there were numerous fittings required. We ended up using about 30 types of ProPress fittings, ball valves, etc. ranging in size from 1/2" to 1”. When you're working in tight spaces and running pipe, either copper or black iron, Viega makes the job simple and fast. We didn't have to use a pipe threader or a torch, which would have made this job much more difficult and time-consuming. In the end, the client and the contractor both win: we're able to get them heat and hot water and then move on to the next job more swiftly.”

For Matt Banach, Matty B’s Plumbing and Heating, Inc., he used a combination of ProPress, MegaPress, and PureFlow fittings to convert a boiler from oil to gas along with a zone of radiant heat and sidewalk heat.


Connor Davis from Parlay Mechanical used Viega ProPress and MegaPressG fittings for a combination boiler install. He used 1-1/4” fittings for a primary and secondary loop for an air handler unit. Davis said that Viega stands out against all other products. “The trust we have in using Viega press fittings is exponential. It’s fast, efficient, and looks phenomenal once a project is done,” he said.


And it’s not just boiler installations where Viega fittings make a difference. Just ask Fernando Sanchez of Associa Colorado. “We had a 1/2” hot water recirculating line with a pinhole leak that caused some water damage on the 19th floor of a 24-story residential high-rise. Luckily with ProPress fittings and my Milwaukee press machine, I was able to identify and remove the damaged section of copper pipe and press on the new section within a few hours, minimizing the impact on the building’s residents.”


For your next residential boiler install, consider ProPress and MegaPressG fittings to save up to 90% on install time.

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