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Rings and Actuators 101

September 28, 2023 Viega
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From minor residential repairs to large-scale industrial builds, there’s a wide variety of pipe sizes and applications that go into a job. When the job involves large-diameter pipe, sometimes your press tool needs a little extra help to get the job done.

That’s where rings and actuators come in. Rings and actuators help increase the output needed to complete connections on ProPress fittings above 2″ and MegaPress fittings above 1″. The ring attaches to the fitting and the actuator attaches to the tool. The two then come together in a more compact package to deliver the compressive force that makes our connections so reliable.

Our fittings are compatible with a wide range of brands. It’s important to check the tooling manufacturer’s compatibility but all tools deliver the same force. Compact tools at 24kN (5400lbs) and standard tools at 32kN (7200lbs). Some manufacturers offer extended tools as well. These tools utilize another type of actuator to deliver more output to MegaPress fittings above 2”.

Brands like Milwaukee and Hilti offer a range of rings and actuators. But RIDGID offers an exclusive lineup of actuators and rings for every size of ProPress and MegaPress fittings. With their ball and socket interface, RIDGID rings and actuators deliver more freedom of movement in tight spaces, even on small diameter fittings. However, if you’re pressing against a wall, certain brands like Milwaukee have a double joint ring allowing for slimmer profiles that offer easier accessibility.

When finding which ring pairs with what actuator, it’s simple. All rings come labeled with which actuator they should be used with, taking out the guesswork.

Ultimately, choosing the right ring and actuator comes down to the job and tooling preference. Our team can help you get the maximum performance out of your tool and optimal results on every press.

Check out this matrix from Milwaukee as an example of tool and actuator compatibility.

When the press needs a little extra power, rings and actuators are a must.

Questions? Reach out to your local Viega rep or our internal sales team for more info.

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