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Swing Joints 101

June 29, 2023 Viega
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As a plumber, things on the job can get a little shaky. Whether we’re talking about a difficult client,
unexpected leaks or some unsteady ground, there are a lot of factors that can throw your plumbing install plans for a loop. And when things get literally shaky, there are always swing joints.
A swing joint is a pipe joint designed with two to five 90° elbows and nipples. They’re used in areas where the earth or soil is less stable due to high traffic or certain weather conditions. Where threaded
connections get tighter on one end as the other loosens, swing joints offer greater flexibility to avoid
leaks. Increased flexibility means maintaining continuous mechanical integration and a tight seal. Ideal,
Like any installation, before you get started, you need to understand your local code - and swing joints are no exception. Still, the approval process is easier than you might think. In simple terms, if a swing joint is required and press is approved, it can be utilized as a swing joint. Swing joints may not be required in your state but may be utility-specified or necessary depending on piping situations where movement may occur. Be sure to check your local codes for more information on approvals.
Viega MegaPress fittings are approved for a swing joint, as well as underground and concealed space
installations. They’re a superior choice for swing joints because of the fittings’ durability and ability to
rotate on the pipe without losing the connection seal. Compared to a threaded connection that can loosen over time, MegaPress is the obvious choice. The grip ring, separator ring and sealing element in
MegaPress fittings keep the connection secure, while the inside of the hub is smooth to allow for rotation
without damaging the internal connection.
Check out a more detailed explanation from Viega Technical Trainer Colton Henkowski in this video.
Compared to traditional methods like threading, the ease of installation using a press system, along with
the durability and flexibility of a swing joint, will leave you with a system that is engineered to last.

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