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Top HVAC and Plumbing Tips

September 20, 2023 Viega
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In the plumbing and HVAC field, every job presents its own challenges, so it’s important to continuously learn about the products you’re using and installing. That’s why sharing knowledge straight from our pro training team is another way Viega is there to support you on the jobsite.

Each week on our social media pages you can find installation and product Tech Tips, join in discussions with fellow plumbers and HVAC techs, and learn something you may not have known that you can apply to your upcoming projects.

In case you missed any, here some of our favorite Tech Tips. Which one is going to be a game changer on your next job?

  1. Unmatched Durability

See how Viega MegaPress connections are engineered to hold up under tough conditions.

  1. Pressure Testing

Find out how the Viega Pressure Test Plug helps you pressure test only part of a system with a bald end.

  1. Jaws vs. Rings and Actuators

Check out the ideal applications for jaws versus when rings and actuators are needed to make a lasting connection.

  1. Press on Live Systems

Watch a ProPress connection be made on a live system without open flames.

  1. Smart Connect Technology

It’s this easy to identify unpressed connections with Viega.

  1. Compact Jaws

Here we demo how to make fast, easy MegaPress connections among different pipe sizes when using RIDGID compact press jaws.

  1. Valves, Handles and More

Which of these Viega products are you using on your next build?

  1. Pressing in Tight Spaces

See a ProPress ring kit and fittings in action for enhanced accessibility on the job.

  1. Seamless Copper-to-PEX

Have you tried the industry’s only copper-to-PEX transition press fitting?

  1. Street Fittings

Looking to make a tighter offset? See how Viega street fittings make it happen.

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