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Viega Design Services Help on High-Rise Conversion

September 7, 2021 Viega
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David King, owner of DR’s Plumbing and Repair, knew he didn’t want to use CPVC pipe; now, he just had to convince the engineer to switch to PEX.

DR’s Plumbing is the contractor on one of the biggest building renovations in downtown Indianapolis: the conversion of a 23-story former Indiana Bell headquarters into apartments. The project was originally spec’d for CPVC in the mains and units on each floor, but King knew PureFlow PEX would be better.

“I think of CPVC as old technology,” said King. “This is a value-engineered project and I knew we could save money with PEX. I’m also familiar with PureFlow and I know how good a product it is.”

However, the final say was up to the project engineer and King knew he needed help making the case for PEX. So he turned to Viega Design Services, a division that helps customers with plumbing, fire protection and radiant services.

Jeremy Ferriter, Supervisor, Plumbing & Fire Protection, took on the job. Looking at the engineered drawings, he was able to determine where PEX could be substituted for CPVC, primarily in the mains on each floor and in the branches in the individual apartments. In some uses, PEX pipe sizes had to be made larger.

King took the Viega drawings to the project engineer, who approved them, and DR’s Plumbing was able to proceed with PureFlow.

“(Design Services) was great to work with. They turned it around fast and gave us everything we needed to make the case for using PEX,” King said.

“It was a quick turnaround. I’m glad we were able to help the contractor out and deliver the information he needed to take to the engineer,” Ferriter said.

Whether it’s a big project like the mid-rise in Indianapolis or something as small as a residential build, Viega Design Services helps contractors, engineers and owners to the tune of 1,000 projects a year, Ferriter said.

Design Services will review and adjust existing blueprints for projects and add advice on using everything from PureFlow to ProPress and MegaPress. Design work for commercial jobs is free.

“We aren’t looking to replace the work of the engineering firms, but we are here to provide expert help and advice,” Ferriter said.

King, who switched DR’s Plumbing last year to pressing full-time because it’s fast and reliable, said Design Services is a resource he’ll use again.

“It was a lot of work. They stood by us and so we’re going to stick with them,” King said.

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