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Viega Press Systems - an advanced solution to Advanced Manufacturing

April 1, 2024 Viega
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In 2022, President Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act, which allocated $52.7 billion in federal subsidies to support chip manufacturing in the U.S. Approximately $39 billion is earmarked for the construction of semiconductor fabrication plants, and $2 billion has been specifically designated for the automotive and manufacturing industries. Funds from The CHIPS Act will also be used to upskill the current manufacturing workforce. The bill hopes to improve the supply chain for semiconductors and chips and reduce the risks to national security. As a result, companies are starting to make big investments with funding from this bill.

Advanced manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art. While the industry has been experiencing a shortage of skilled labor in the workforce, the shortage is even greater for trade partners with experience on these cutting-edge builds. As a result, many of these projects are falling behind schedule and running over budget. In a 2023 KPMG survey, 37% of respondents have had a project miss a budget or a deadline by 20% over the last 12 months. From battery production for EVs to semiconductors, companies are under pressure to produce. Traditional welding methods further exacerbate these issues, requiring extensive time, specialized expertise and potential quality control issues.

The race for revenue is on for these companies to be up and running, and the timelines are tighter than ever. They are trying to scale from breaking ground on a new facility to commissioning and scaled production in record time, as the goal is not only production but also profitability. Using Viega Industrial Piping Systems, Viega offers a solution to the critical challenges faced by these fast-paced sectors, allowing them to build facilities safer and more quickly, with a lower total install cost. We talked with Will Dutcher, Manager of Technical Sales for Industrial to learn more about advanced manufacturing and how Viega Industrial Piping Systems help.

Viega Industrial Piping Systems are designed for these types of advanced manufacturing facilities. Companies need a solution to handle complex process applications beyond basic water and compressed air. Viega Industrial Piping Systems offer:

  • Faster installation: Using Viega, connections can be completed in a fraction of the time compared to welding, significantly accelerating project timelines.
  • Better work-time completion: Viega credential training can have more installers on the job sooner while allocating skilled welders to the areas they are needed most.
  • Improved quality control: Viega’s press connections eliminate the risks associated with human error during welding, resulting in consistent and reliable joints. Viega’s Smart Connect® technology enables you to quickly identify any connections that haven’t been pressed, eliminating the possibility of false positives over expensive equipment.

These advantages make Viega Industrial Piping Systems ideally suited for the fast-paced and demanding environments of EV and semiconductor facilities. Viega's MegaPress® Stainless and Carbon systems ensure corrosion resistance and optimal performance in numerous critical applications:

  • Process chilled water: Maintaining precise temperatures is crucial for semiconductor manufacturing. Viega's systems ensure reliable and efficient delivery of chilled water throughout the facility.
  • Glycol lines: These lines are used in various applications, including temperature control and heat rejection. Viega provides durable and leak-proof solutions for these critical systems.
  • Safety showers and eyewashes: Ensuring worker safety is paramount. Viega's systems offer reliable water delivery for emergency showers and eyewashes.
  • Wastewater systems: Efficient waste disposal is essential. Viega's piping solutions guarantee the safe and efficient transportation of wastewater.
  • Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda): Commonly used in advanced manufacturing for various applications such as wafer cleaning, etching and pH treatment.
  • RO water and bulk gases: In semiconductor manufacturing, contamination is a major concern. Viega's systems meet stringent purity standards, ensuring safe and reliable delivery of critical fluids.

From automotive to semiconductor manufacturers throughout the U.S., Viega is already showing that its products are tested, reliable and the engineered preference for sizes under 4". Viega adheres to the highest industry standards and rigorously tests its products under the most intense environments.

Viega has been tested to ASTM F3226, including over 9 million vibration cycles at three different frequencies and amplitudes. This ASTM F3226 standard has been reviewed and added to the ASME B31.1, B31.3, and B31.9 codes. Additionally, Viega has obtained NAVSEA testing on select ProPress® and MegaPress products. Given how critical it is for piping systems to work at sea under combat situations, it says a lot when the Navy has approved Viega as a solution. Landside customers can rest assured that pull-out, bending and impact have all been reviewed.

Whether a new plant is under construction or maintenance is required in an existing facility, companies in the EV and semiconductor space can benefit from faster construction times, reduced costs and improved project certainty. With its innovative products, commitment to quality and extensive experience, Viega is perfectly positioned to power the future of these burgeoning industries.

Viega ProPress and MegaPress systems are approved for over 2,500 standard and non-standard applications. Learn more or schedule a meeting at

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