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Viega Summer Camp

August 31, 2023 Viega
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We pride ourselves on holding our U.S. manufacturing facilities to the highest standards of operation. But, when you’re set on being the best, finding a workforce that can measure up isn’t always easy. While there is a labor shortage across many industries, we’re working to alleviate this issue through various training opportunities. A career at Viega comes with great benefits, room for growth and the freedom to make your goals a reality.


Helping young people explore their professional interests, specifically in manufacturing, is essential to maintaining our high standards. That’s why we recently welcomed 17 students for a week-long summer camp where they explored manufacturing career opportunities at Viega.

Throughout the week, our team curated a series of informative sessions – with some fun sprinkled in. From meeting with company leaders and facility tours to bowling and go-kart races, there was no shortage of activities. Attendees went on job shadow rotations to learn about the different positions available, as well as ask questions and hear directly from employees. They also learned how to press from a local plumber, giving them an up-close look at life in the trades.

A big part of a career at Viega is giving back to our communities, which is why we had students volunteer at a local animal shelter. We also tested their knowledge and inspired healthy competition with a Viega fittings Lego build challenge.

Combating the labor shortage and maintaining our superior manufacturing standards isn’t always easy. Programs like our camp help students get engaged, explore their career options, and add learning and fun to their summer. If you or someone you know is interested in a career at Viega, you can learn more at

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