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Welcome to New York

July 14, 2023 Viega
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In June, Viega customers, employees and industry partners gathered to celebrate the opening of our state-of-the-art experience center in New York City. The 3,500 sq ft. space has over 200 Viega fittings installed to display the full family of Viega piping systems, as well as a 7,500 sq. ft. terrace with iconic views of the New York skyline.

"Viega did a great job putting this place together. It really showcases the quality of Viega overall," noted Matt Fleming, Viega Brand Ambassador and owner of All Star Plumbing. The overwhelmingly positive response lets us know that we’re setting the industry standard for education and customer support resources.

Markus Brettschneider, President & CEO of Viega LLC shared, “We are committed to providing both best-in-class training and outstanding experiences for our customers. The Viega Experience Center is our first location for this new format, with more to come.”

From the moment you walk in, you are immersed in all things Viega. "As soon as they get through the door, look through the glass, they see that New York City skyline and all the clean piping, they know this is the place to be. It's a great venue to keep us connected to the industry,” said Don Schink, Director of Territory Sales East Region.

The iconic Viega yellow ties the whole space together throughout the conference room, product displays, bar and lounge areas. To get even more of the Viega experience, guests can use the Viega City Explorer, a virtual interactive map that allows you to move around the city and view job sites that are installing Viega products.

Around 35 Viega employees collaborated to bring this experience center to life, creating actual works of art with the exposed piping and lighting. Accompanied by the sweeping views of New York and live system installations, this facility has no shortage of impressive sights.

Check out more from the grand opening below.

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What People are Saying

“There was a lot of team effort involved. I helped in the design of the initial look of the ‘pipe organ,’ as I like to call it; it runs up the columns in the building. We really wanted to come to this market and showcase, for all of our customers and potential customers, our products on display for everyone to see, as well as active and spec'ed up.” - Vincent Pizutelli, Regional Sales Director, Greater NYC

“It's a great place to bring your customers and team down, be in a comfortable space and train on the products with a great view. Very impressive. Viega always does it right.” - Don Polletta, Torrco, VP Sales & Marketing

“This place is awesome. It's set up with all the cool stuff everyone in the trades would want to see and demo. In the bathroom, there's an autographed Messier jersey. What place has an autographed Rangers jersey in the bathroom? This place is set up perfect.” - Chris Armstrong, Owner Armstrong Pro Services

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