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Why we Replaced Printed Instructions with QR Codes

October 6, 2021 Viega
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Remember the predictions of how digital technology would eliminate the need for paper? It hasn’t happened.

Instead, worldwide consumption of paper has risen by 400% in the past 40 years. The environmental problems caused by paper production and waste have grown right along with usage.

Virgin paper requires 24,000 gallons of water per ton to create. Recycled paper still requires 12,000 gallons of water per ton to produce. Paper production is the third-most energy intensive of all manufacturing industries.

And only half the paper produced is recycled. As a result, paper accounts for 16% of landfill waste and 33% of municipal waste.

These are the reasons we’ve eliminated the paper instructions inside the packages of most ProPress, MegaPress and PureFlow products made in the United States. They’ve been replaced by QR codes printed on the product label.

A scan of the code will send the user to the product instruction page on This will eliminate more than 6 million pieces – or 32 tons of paper – a year, paper which often ended up littering jobsites, where it’s difficult to recycle.

It's a step forward and part of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

Earlier this year, Viega Holding GmbH & Co., parent company of Viega LLC, was named one of the 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders by TBD Media Group. It’s an honor we’re proud of and we will continue to take steps to improve our sustainability.

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