Viega Heating and Cooling Solutions

Advanced radiant products that are easy to install.

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Consistent temperature control

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Reduced energy consumption

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Flexible design

Viega Heating and Cooling Solutions are engineered to reduce energy consumption by at least 30%. In contrast to traditional forced air systems, our hydronic radiant systems deliver more consistent temperature by controlling floor and wall temperatures. Zone control options let you manage specific areas within a home or office – giving you the freedom to better manage your energy consumption.

With a full line of mixing, manifolds, sensors and controls, Viega has a solution for nearly every application from residential retrofit to new construction or larger scale commercial projects.

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Viega Climate Mat®

Available in ½" and ⅝"


    • Roll out as many as six circuits of tubing simultaneously
    • Pre-engineered assembly saves time and labor costs
    • Pre-pressurized and numbered for accurate placement

Huge Time Savings with Climate Mat

With an installation area of nearly 200,00 square feet, Viega Climate Mat is having a huge impact on a large job near Sacramento, California. The Cali…

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Viega Rapid Grid

Serves as a fastener, insulation and vapor barrier


    • Compatible with Viega Barrier PEX and Viega
      FostaPEX tubing
    • Easy connections can reduce installation time by up to 60%
    • Perfect for garages, basements or larger commercial

Radiant Installation Easy with Viega

Although the crew at Guido Construction hadn't put in a Viega radiant system before, they got plenty of help along the way, and the project potentially…

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Viega Climate Panels®

Available preassembled or unassembled


    • Can be installed over wood subfloor or concrete
    • Work under nearly any type of floor covering
    • Less energy usage vs. traditional forced-air heating systems

Historic Home Gets New, Efficient Heating Solution

Historic houses are a common sight across New England, some dating back as far as the Revolutionary War and earlier. But while these…

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Viega Climate Trak®

For use in residential retrofit


    • Attaches directly to the underside of subflooring
    • Custom-fit channel holds Viega Barrier PEX tubing
      in place
    • Economic and efficient solution for residential retrofit
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Viega Zone Valves

For fluid flow control in hydronic heating or cooling systems


    • Available in ¾" and 1"
    • Three different connection types: ProPress x ProPress,
      ProPress x PureFlow Press, and solder x PureFlow Press
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Viega Hydronic Mixing Block

For fluid flow control in hydsupply temperature modulation based on outdoor reset, boiler control, air elimination and fluid circulation


    • First of its kind to combine mixing, control, air elimination and a pump in a single unit
    • Components include: 3-speed circulator, control, air vent, adapter fittings, bracket and two sensors

Farmhouse Gets Green Update

That’s a key point that Gina and Rodman Schley want others to take away from their home. Their remodeled old farmhouse in the Denver, Colorado…

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Radiant Auto-Balancing System (RABS)

Independently control each zone in a radiant heating system


    • Automatic hydraulic balancing and custom temperature limits for each thermostat
    • Unoccupied Mode saves energy by reducing demand during unoccupied periods
    • Fault diagnosis system and dynamic long-term temperature analysis deliver optimal efficiency
    • Compensates for inconsistencies and imperfections while preventing the floor from cooling down when the room is heated by external sources