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How a Press Fit Tool Helps Hospitals Save Money

July 10, 2018 Viega
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Hospitals rely on piping systems to run like clockwork. But when issues occur, it’s not just the day-to-day operations that suffer. The organization’s wallet can also take a significant hit. That's only one of the reasons why a press fit tool can prove to be invaluable. 

The most obvious costs are those that come with the repair or replacement of existing pipes. Yet, there are also other expenses that can add up. Hospitals may have to correct damage from pipe leaks to surrounding spaces, or simply miss out on opportunities for profit when rooms need to be left vacant during repairs.

With the right press fit tool, hospitals can avoid these costly scenarios and set themselves up for success. Here’s how.

How Hospitals Can Save Money with a Press Fit Tool

Fast, Reliable Connections

Creating healthy piping systems involves a balance of safety and efficiency. Hospitals want to ensure the accuracy of each pipe connection while keeping up with a fast-paced construction schedule.

Where traditional routes like soldering and welding fall behind, a press fit tool excels. Where other connection methods have the potential of poor bonds—a result of movement, failure to melt or overheating—Viega has Smart Connect® technology that helps easily identify unpressed connections.

And then there’s the speed of the press fit tool process. A press fit tool can make connections in a matter of seconds, helping to accelerate current projects and minimize disruptions in future service repairs.

No Fire Watch or Burn Permits

Since the full shutdown of a hospital is not a feasible option, obtaining fire watches or burn permits is a standard part of piping installation and repairs. The coordination of these extra steps can easily delay project timelines as hospitals wait for approval and schedule a visit.

The risk factor is a consideration as well. In an environment where health and safety are paramount, an open flame can introduce hazards to hospital staff, patients and visitors.

With a press fit tool like Viega, these concerns subside. As a flameless technology, there is no smoke, flame or fire watch required. Combined with the speed of the connections, piping systems will be up and running in no time with few interruptions to service and with safety ensured.

No Unavailable Rooms or Evacuations

As pipe repairs occur, hospitals work to make sure that patient safety is preserved. So when a patient’s room is near the area of repair, the typical response is to move the individuals to another space. Not only does this disrupt the patient experience, but it also means several rooms are deemed unusable during the maintenance period.

That’s another reason why a press fit tool is ideal in the healthcare field. Viega products enable connections to be made, even if the system hasn’t been shut down, and thus removes the need to displace patients. The patient experience improves while hospitals can continue to make the most out of their real estate.

Ready to see how Viega products like our press fit tool have advanced hospital projects? See our project profiles.

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