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5 Plumbing Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

March 29, 2022 Viega
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Listening to plumbing podcasts is a great way to learn about the latest tools and tricks of the trade. They’re also good for staying ahead of industry trends and are a free source of business advice.

Whether it’s over the morning cup of coffee or in the truck between appointments, make time to listen to these podcasts and you’re likely to learn some things you can use.


1. PHCPPros: Off the Cuff

Each new episode of this podcast is worth the wait. PHC News Editor Steve Smith and others from the PHCPPros editorial team interview industry leaders. Impossible to listen to without becoming a little bit more knowledgeable. PHCPPros also has a second podcast: Behind the Wall, give them both a listen.


2. Mechanical Hub: Not Dead Yet

Mechanical Hub’s John Mesenbrink and Tim Ward co-host this weekly podcast that features contractors, manufacturers and others with smart takes on the industry. And just for variety’s sake, they mix in a weekly sports episode, Niagara Sports Hub. And check out Mech Hub’s second podcast, Make Trades Great Again.


3. Plumbing & Mechanical: And So It Flows

This plumbing podcast would be worth listening to for the title alone, but P&M chief editor Nicole Krawcke keeps a tight focus on the news most important to the trades through interviews with industry leaders and in-the-field experts. One of the best things about the podcast is that it rarely runs longer than 20 minutes so it can be easily consumed in one setting.


4. Tool Pros and Tool Wife

This is a double recommendation because of the family connection involved. On the former, Tool Pros’ Brent Ridley and Billy Knoth talk about and review new tools while also discussing the best ways to use them. On the latter, Kathleen Ridley, Brent’s wife, talks about juggling a small plumbing/HVAC business, parenting and marriage.


5. The Beskar Collar Boys

Self-proclaimed blue collar nerds, hosts @theplumberlorian @plumbdangerous @atomtheelectrician @vadartheplumber discuss daily life in the blue collar world while keeping it interesting with the latest Marvel or Star Wars movie. Tune in weekly to hear these four tradesmen discuss tools, trades and new movies.

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