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Businesses Make a Sustainable Statement With Viega ProRadiant

October 30, 2018 Viega
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When effectively integrated into business operations, sustainability can deliver significant improvements to companies, from a better brand image to a reduction in overall costs. This helps explain why more than 90 percent of CEOs have deemed sustainability an important part of their company’s success.

One of the most effective ways to showcase this commitment to going green is through the installation of a radiant heating and cooling system. After all, studies show the average office can conserve between 17 to 53 percent of their energy use with radiant technology—all while ensuring greater thermal comfort for the buildings’ occupants.

Here’s an example of one business that made this sustainable shift and leveraged Viega ProRadiant to simplify the design and installation process.

Architecture Firm Leads by Example With Viega ProRadiant

Practice what you preach is a phrase you’ve likely heard many times before. And in the case of architecture and engineering firms, it’s a notion that rings true in terms of the sustainable solutions they recommend to clients.

In an effort to lead by example, the firm CSHQA renovated its 20,000-square-foot workspace to make a sustainable (and visual) statement. That meant installing a 12,500-square-foot radiant heating and cooling system into the office headquarters. After conducting energy modeling and comparing the costs of different systems, the team chose the Viega ProRadiant system.

In terms of design and installation, the radiant project was considered fairly sophisticated. The heating and cooling system was broken up into seven zones that are divided into four types of zones: single-occupant office, open office space, break area and interiors library and perimeter space along exterior walls with windows. Installation of the system required 4.6 miles of Viega Barrier PEX tubing as well as over 12,000 square feet of Viega insulating panels.

That’s where Viega technical services delivered substantial benefits. Not only did the team receive support in finalizing the radiant system design as well as fine-tuning its layout and zones, but they also had access to Viega technical support throughout every step of the installation process.

The goal of making a visual statement was supplemented by showcasing part of the radiant flooring system beneath a glass panel. This gives building occupants the chance to go beyond simply feeling the effects of the system and actually seeing it in action and better understanding its operation.

Choose Viega ProRadiant for Your Heating & Cooling Needs

Every office wants to create a space where employees are comfortable and productive. Yet, by the same token, buildings also want to minimize their environmental footprint through efficient (and cost-effective) heating and cooling methods.

Where these two elements meet is Viega ProRadiant. The hydronic radiant system keeps room temperature consistent while ultimately reducing energy consumption by at least 30 percent. These operational benefits are paired with easy-to-install technology that significantly reduces labor and frustration on the job site.

Ready to see other applications of Viega ProRadiant? Head over to the project profiles section.

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