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Top 4 Factors To Consider When Choosing Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings

February 12, 2019 Viega
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Carbon steel pipe fittings are used to help connect steel pipe systems in many construction, manufacturing and other commercial and industrial applications. The choice of carbon steel pipe fittings, however, is not always black and white. Given the number of factors to weigh and the crossover between claims for various products, installers can feel unsure about the best route to take when selecting carbon steel pipe fittings for their project.

To help you choose the best carbon steel pipe fittings, we’ve put together a list that details what to avoid and what to prioritize in products.

What To Consider When Choosing Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings 

1.) Clean, Professional Appearance

  • Skip that: Traditional joining techniques may leave behind material build-up, tarnish or exposed threads that diminish the appearance of carbon steel pipe fittings.
  • Try this: A battery-powered tool that presses fittings onto pipes replaces the mess and inconvenience of traditional methods, leaving the pipe free of debris, oil, grease and rust.

2.) Strict Quality Control

  • It’s a must: Before carbon steel pipe fittings are brought to the market, they must be approved for use in desired piping systems. Each product should undergo a strict testing process that ensures the reliability of system components within the standard conditions, at the minimum.
  • What’s even better: Look for quality control that extends beyond eventual applications and analyzes extreme conditions, such as verifying that systems can withstand the extreme temperatures that these fittings can be installed in.

3.) Consistency

  • Out with the old: While threading and welding can be used to join pipe, the potential for inconsistencies is greater. Installers cut slightly different threads and tighten connections based on experience and feel, while the advanced skill welding requires can create room for error.
  • In with the new: Press technology ensures that consistent and secure connections are made with carbon steel pipe fittings. The Viega Smart Connect® technology adds to this degree of security by alerting installers of any unpressed connections during pressure testing.

4.) Speed of Installation

  • Avoid that: Traditional joining techniques tend to have slower installation times that increase labor costs and make it difficult to meet tight timelines. Not to mention, factors like obtaining a hot work permit and wet conditions can cause further delays.
  • Opt for this: Choose carbon steel pipe fittings that minimize any type of downtime. For instance, Viega pipe fittings leverage a flameless technology, can work in a wet or dry environment and take seven seconds or less to install. That’s 50 to 90 percent faster than threading or welding.

Are you looking for carbon steel pipe fittings for your next job? Viega MegaPress, MegaPressG and MegaPress XL fittings are approved for more applications than any other carbon steel press fitting system. To find a distributor near you, use our search tool.

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