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Why Customer Service Matters in Pipe Fitting Projects

August 7, 2018 Viega
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Most pipe fitting projects come with their fair share of questions and concerns. It could involve putting together the design specifications, the actual installation of piping systems, or advice on how to navigate industry developments once the project is complete.

In any case, customers should be able to lean on their pipe fitting manufacturer for answers. When paired with innovative and reliable products, this level of customer service can fuel the success of pipe fitting projects from start to finish—and beyond.

Customer Service At Every Stage of a Piping Project

Before Pipe Fittings Are Installed

To satisfy the requirements of pipe fitting projects and avoid potential issues, specifications need to be well-documented and complete. For pipe fittings, this includes a clear vision of which materials and sizes work best for your application.

Viega works hand in hand with customers to streamline this process. Technical managers help engineer specifications—identifying those products most appropriate for the project—and set the foundation for success.

In addition to these specification services, we offer design services as well. From a fire protection system to a radiant flooring system, we’ll leverage installation plans to create a drawing and materials list that suits your project’s needs.

During the Installation of Pipe Fittings

Documentation on pipe fitting projects are a valuable roadmap for proper installation. But some situations—whether it’s a lack of clarity from the end user or a unique problem specific to the application—require more conversation outside these resources.

At Viega, we make it a point to be available to customers. With four distribution centers throughout the United States and hundreds of pairs of feet on the street, you can find a Viega person to answer your questions as they arise. You can also reach out online or via telephone to our service centers, which provide support around the clock.

After Pipe Fittings Are Implemented

Questions don’t necessarily stop once pipe fitting projects are completed. Organizations want to stay on top of the latest developments in industry standards and regulations, as well as important issues like water-quality management.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Viega makes it a priority to share this insight with customers. Along with providing personalized advice, we offer seminars and two U.S. training centers that can benefit novices or specialists, contractors and engineers alike. Some of the topics we cover include repiping with PureFlow® PEX systems; the use of stainless steel press systems; pathogen prevention in plumbing hygiene; and the energy saving practices of solar thermal panels.

Viega Stands For Customer Service

When you are working with Viega, you can be assured that you are getting premier plumbing and heating systems. And beyond these innovative products, you’ll receive the best customer support in the industry, too.

There’s no better way to highlight our service than to showcase some of the projects we’ve helped bring to life—including testimonials from our satisfied customers. Browse a variety of examples here.

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