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Hotel Redesign & Expansion Simplified with Viega ProPress

September 11, 2018 Viega
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A hotel redesign or expansion can turn into a significant piping project—all the more when the two elements are combined. That’s why hotels need solutions that help streamline this process, from speeding up installation to removing the need for heavy equipment and permits.

Viega ProPress® is a system that fits the bill. Without flame or heavy equipment, installers can make consistent, secure pipe connections in less than seven seconds. This helps reduce installation time by up to 60 percent as compared to other pipe-joining methods like soldering and brazing, with fewer resources required.

The best way to showcase the benefits of using Viega ProPress in hotel redesign and expansion is through an example project. For this, we’ve chosen an iconic landmark that has played host to many famous personalities: the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel.

The Installation of Viega ProPress in the Sheraton New York Hotel Redesign

The Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel has long been recognized for the luxurious accommodations it provides guests. While modern luxury has always been a cornerstone of the hotel, a $160 million renovation set out to further enhance the guest experience through redesign and expansion of 1,750 guest rooms, 206 club-level rooms and 31 suites.

With the renovation of these hotel units, the need for a new domestic water system was apparent as well. The system called for installation of piping in approximately 1,700 individual units, which translated into the need for thousands of pipe fittings.

In an effort to streamline the hotel redesign installation process, the contractor Infinity Mechanical turned to Viega ProPress. It was their first experience with the product.

Outside of increasing the speed of connections, Viega ProPress provided the added benefit of stowing away cumbersome welding tanks. This proved especially helpful under the strict standards of New York, where installers can bring welding tanks into structures during work hours and then have to remove them from the premises once they are finished for the day.

Based on their initial positive experience with Viega ProPress, Infinity Mechanical has continued to leverage the technology in other hotel renovations. For instance, while working on 20 floors of the prestigious Millennium UN Plaza Hotel in New York, the team installed Viega ProPress in about 1,700 individual hotel units—once again saving time in labor, as well as the hassle of handling heavy equipment.

This is just one example of how Viega ProPress can benefit your bottom line. To see more applications of the product and its value to projects, check out our project profiles.

We also encourage you to download a free copy of our eBook, "How Viega ProPress Helps You Grow & Succeed in the Market".

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