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How a Home Run PEX System Minimizes Pressure Drops

December 8, 2020 Viega
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It’s a sitcom staple. Character A waits until Character B is in the shower, then flushes the toilet. Character B howls when the shower water gets too hot.

In real life, pressure drops in residential plumbing systems are more annoying than amusing. They waste water and energy and can interfere with the performance of household duties, like running the washing machine and dishwasher at the same time.

A PEX system with a home run design minimizes those problems while delivering more consistent pressure and water temperature. Here’s how it works:

The system features a centralized manifold, like the Viega ManaBloc, which acts as a sort of control center. It’s fed by a main water line. From the manifold, individual distribution lines run to each fixture in the system. That means fewer connections behind the wall and control valves at the manifold for each fixture.

The manifold has a large 1¼" central chamber which is better equipped to handle spikes in demand without causing those uncomfortable pressure drops. It also delivers hot water faster than traditional trunk-and-branch designs.

It’s also important to use the correct fittings for the system. Crimp fittings have a smaller inner diameter that can restrict the flow of water. Viega PureFlow fittings have larger inner diameters and don’t reduce the flow rate.

Viega also offers design services to ensure residential and commercial systems are engineered correctly.

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