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How to Install Gas Pipe Faster and More Easily

March 3, 2020 Viega
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A gas pipe installation project can be as simple as adding a new connection for a gas cooktop or as complex as switching an entire apartment building from electric heating to gas-fired heating. Regardless of the size of the job, it’s always in the contractor’s interest to perform it as efficiently as possible.

That’s why it’s helpful to know how Viega MegaPressG can streamline and accelerate installation, compared to the traditional threading method of joining pipe.

Disruptions When Threading Gas Pipe

Threading forces contractors to work from one point and progressively move to the endpoint — in this case, from the fuel source to all connected devices. If a threaded connection needs to be made in the middle of a piping system, installers have to rely on either a union or a left-right coupling. Codes often limit the placement of unions and it can be difficult to get the degree of tightness correct with a left-right coupling.

And threading usually means only a single installer can make pipe connections at a time. Typically, a second worker is required to run the threader, make cuts and deliver those pieces to the installer. Keep in mind that threading machines are large and heavy, and typically require two people to move on and off the jobsite.

Threading machines pose other issues, as well. Consider a membrane roofing project, for instance. When piping sits above the membrane, shavings and oils from the threading machine can become embedded in the roof and cause damage.

Electric threading machines also require a power source, which can be difficult to locate on a jobsite.

A Better Alternative for Gas Pipe Installation: MegaPressG

With MegaPressG, there are no linear constraints. Installers can start making pipe connections in the middle of the floor and move in different directions, rather than solely out from the source. This lets two installers simultaneously pipe different sections of a gas line, which saves time on large jobs.

Due to the user-friendly nature of MegaPressG, an individual with basic pipefitting skills can easily make press connections on a gas pipe system — without concerns about the torque of a fitting or how many threads to include. So long as a worker can insert the pipe to the correct depth and fit the pipe square plumb and level, they can assemble a pipe with press technology.

Unlike a threading machine with its cutting oil and accessories, MegaPressG requires only a simple 30-pound tool that includes all the relevant tooling needed to make pipe connections. More jobsite mobility means greater efficiency and less overall jobsite risk.

Ready to see an example of Viega MegaPressG in action? By replacing threading with MegaPressG fittings, New England Plumbing Solutions streamlined the installation of gas lines in a brand-new condo development. Read the full story here.

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