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Hydronic Piping: Why Technical & Design Services Matter

December 18, 2018 Viega
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Leveraging high-quality products will always be crucial to the success of hydronic piping systems. And the reasons are clear. When highly engineered technology uses the optimal materials, production processes and quality assurance testing, it’s more likely to succeed in its environment.

But without a map to guide every stage of the process, it can sometimes feel as though you’re driving in circles, so to speak. The questions that stalled productivity in the design phase of your hydronic piping system have also trickled in to the installation of parts, with minimal resources available to find the answers you need to stay on track and feel confident in your approach.

Below we explain in greater detail the value that radiant design and technical services, like those offered by Viega, bring to the table in all types of radiant projects.

The Value of Radiant Design & Technical Services

Beyond the floor plans that shape project specifications are calculations. In the case of hydronic piping systems, room-by-room heat loss calculations help determine the system design that will produce the optimal heat output, from the spacing between the pipes to the division of multiple zones.

Rather than having to perform these tedious but necessary calculations on their own, engineers can streamline this process by working with a radiant design team. With a copy of the floor plan and carefully selected inputs (i.e., indoor design temperature and indoor relative humidity), the Viega team puts together a system design that reflects the specific needs of your hydronic piping project and meets industry standards. Not to mention, we’ll provide a complete bill of materials you’ll need to get your heating/cooling system up and running.

While these specifications set the foundation for project success, the installation of hydronic piping has to be just as smooth. Whether contractors have product-specific questions or general inquiries about industry best practices, manufacturers should have resources in place to readily provide answers—ones that eliminate the potential for uncertainties and allow projects to stay within their respective schedule and budget.

Providing this type of support is the focus of the Viega Sales team, which is comprised of more than 150 factory-trained colleagues spread across North America. With years of experience in the field and an extensive knowledge of the Viega systems, the sales team is able to provide you with industry advice and installation instructions for hydronic piping (including on-site job visits) that are designed to keep your job running as smoothly as possible.

Now that we’ve shared some insight into the value of radiant design and technical services, it’s time to see examples of how Viega puts this into practice. You’ll find several within our project profiles.

Balance User & Installer Needs in Radiant Systems

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