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Making Cooling Tower Repairs Look Easy: Innovative Mechanical & Design

February 20, 2024 Viega
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General Foreman Robbie Bruce from Innovative Mechanical and Design (IMD) in northern Colorado has always been interested in being innovative and trying new things, so when the opportunity presented itself to learn about press technology, he stepped up to the plate. A regional sales rep for Viega came to show him and his team Viega ProPress and MegaPress systems about ten years ago and he’s been using them ever since.

Bruce and the team at IMD were contracted to make some repairs to the cooling tower for the AC and chilled water system for Ft. Collins High School in Ft. Collins, Colorado. As with any construction project in a school, crews are limited to when they can work. Most of the work is done during the summer months when school is not in session. For this project, Bruce began the project in May and was completed in September 2023. Using Viega helped get this project completed on time for students to return.


To make the repairs to the cooling tower, Bruce used about 20 of Viega’s 3/4" MegaPress Press-in Branch Connectors, which he says saved him a lot of time on the repairs. The MegaPress Press-in Branch Connector is approved for various applications, including hydronic heating, cooling water and compressed gasses. Bruce said, “If I’d had to weld, it would have taken four or five days instead of one. Yes, the actual task of joining is faster, but also the before and after. You don’t have to get hot work permits, permission from engineers or get everything prepped to weld.”

Bruce said that representatives from Viega’s engineering team were helpful in talking through the project. “Viega is just ‘good people,’” said Bruce. “Their fittings fit right and hold their warranty, and their training facility is top-notch.”

If someone was on the fence about using Viega or press technology, Bruce would start by asking them why. “I’ve used other products and they just don’t compare. I carry a number of fittings on my truck and I would show them just how easy it is.” He also said, “At the end of the day, I’m not spending an extra hour on fire watch, I’m packing up my tools and going home.”

Favorite tool: Milwaukee M18 or M12.



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