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How to Minimize the Impact of Emergency Ship Repair

August 27, 2019 Viega
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Emergency ship repair requires quick and effective action. After all, a matter of seconds or unreliable fixes could mean the difference between hazardous conditions and safe operations.

That’s where traditional techniques tend to miss the mark.

Traditional Solutions for Emergency Ship Repair

Let’s say there’s a fuel line repair needed at sea. If you were to weld the pipe, you would need to drain and clean the fuel lines, as well as have a chemist take air samples in the workspace. In combination with the high degree of skill ship welding requires, these extra steps delay the repair process and make it significantly more expensive.

In other instances, temporary solutions like a rag or specialized repair couplings may be used. While the initial solution may be quick to implement, only half the battle is won. At a later point, you’ll need to revisit that same repair and establish a permanent, more secure connection. Beyond the hassle of scheduling this repair, this also means more downtime for the ship.

While the impact of emergency ship repair can be significant, it doesn’t have to be — thanks to press technology, that is.

Press Technology Solves Piping Issues at Sea

Maybe the system you need to repair has a leak, or bouts of rain have made surfaces wet. In either case, wet conditions could prevent the use of ship welding torches or compromise the effectiveness of temporary ship repair solutions.

With press technology, it’s a different (and better) story. Press fittings don’t care if a pipe system is leaking water or fuel, surfaces are wet from rain or the general environment is hazardous. That’s because once a straight cut is made and the pipe is deburred, a permanent press connection is made in seconds without flame, delivering consistent results under wet and dry conditions.

So not only does press technology allow you to respond faster to emergency ship repair, but it also provides a secure, long-term solution in one of the most challenging environments.

To learn how Viega press technology helps you conquer the sea, browse this resource.

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