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How the Choice of Pipe Fittings Influences Hospital Operations

June 12, 2018 Viega
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“Always there, ready to care.” This is the mantra that fuels the 24/7 operations of America’s hospitals.

With a continuous influx of new patients to manage and the care of existing patients to consider, hospitals need to have the right resources in place to streamline operations and avoid disruptions.

Having adequate staff on hand and choosing the right medical equipment are important parts of this. But what can also have a significant impact on hospital operations is which pipe fittings are used in the structure’s design.

So how exactly does this choice affect operations? Let’s have a look…

The Relationship Between Pipe Fittings and Hospital Operations

Water Quality

The risk of contaminated water is especially dangerous in the healthcare environment. For instance, patients with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to the harmful effects of Legionella bacteria.

With top-tier water safety of the utmost importance, Viega systems offer peace of mind for both patients and caregivers. Two examples of products that help guarantee water quality are the Viega ProPress® double drop elbows and venturi inserts. These elements help eliminate the risk of Legionella bacteria while reducing stagnation.

Costly Downtime

The installation and repair of piping systems can easily become an expensive process—in terms of both time and costs. In the case of soldering, pipe fitting connections can take several minutes to make, smoke detectors might need to be disabled, and fire watches or burn permits could be required.

By simplifying this process, Viega systems offer significant time and cost savings. Clean, safe connections are made in seconds, allowing for quick servicing, while the flameless nature of the approach removes the need for a fire watch and its associated risks.

Patient Experience

The same installation and repairs that tack on expenses can also displace patients. Having to shift patients between rooms is not only an inconvenient task for hospital personnel, it can also be a tiring and frustrating process for patients.

Viega pipe fittings help minimize patient displacement with quick and simple connections that don’t require flames or heavy equipment. This avoids the need for shutdowns that can often leave patients displaced, creating a more positive experience from their perspective.

Pressing technology from Viega has already been incorporated into several hospital builds and renovations. Browse our list of example projects for details.

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