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How Piping Engineering Services Can Save Costs Down the Road

November 5, 2019 Viega
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The pressure is on for systems installers to cross the finish line faster. Stakeholders are asking for tighter timelines, all while projects grow more complex and the labor shortage continues.

While there is a clear need to speed up installation times — something that press technology accomplishes — it can’t be overstated that the success of a project begins long before this step. First, project engineers need to put together specific information, taking into account the unique floor plan. This includes relevant calculations that impact performance plus a detailed list of suitable materials.

That’s where design services come into the picture. By partnering with a team of experts to design a project, you’ll not only be better equipped to meet the vision of stakeholders, but you’ll also save on future expenses.

The ROI of Engineered Piping Systems

When homeowners and business owners invest in a state-of-the-art piping system, they expect to meet (and sometimes exceed) industry standards for performance. Plumbing systems should have steady water pressure and deliver hot water fast, and mechanical piping systems are needed to deliver the energy to heat that hot water and condition the spaces that we occupy.

With piping engineering services, you can achieve this level of operational efficiency the first time around. Using the example of a radiant installation, a team of experts can perform calculations to minimize energy consumption and maximize thermal comfort in both heating and cooling seasons. They can also share insights into proper tube spacing to support these efforts and further enhance the system’s performance.

While this provides direct cost savings to homeowners and business owners, residential and commercial builders alike will benefit from the fact that higher-quality piping systems suffer from fewer breakdowns and require less maintenance. For instance, in the case of a residential plumbing system, a home run manifold system minimizes potential leak points behind the wall and its centralized control system simplifies routine maintenance checks. Combined with the efficiency of the system over branch-and-tee and combination systems, this approach can boost the property value, as well as save builders time and labor in the future.

Get the Support You Need to Achieve the Best Results

Putting together specifications for a piping project can be a challenging process. That’s why we encourage you to leverage the piping system design services Viega offers. Whether you’re working on a plumbing, radiant or fire protection system, our team will combine technical knowledge and years of experience to design a system that is specific to the needs of your project.

See for yourself how streamlined this process is.

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