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Why Quality Control Is Crucial to Press Fit Success

June 5, 2018 Viega
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Press fit technology is designed with the intent to ensure secure connections between pipes. An important part of what makes this approach successful, though, is quality control.

Here at Viega, we set our own standards of excellence and deliver resources that exceed industry expectations. From the materials to production to quality assurance, we settle for only the highest possible quality in press fittings and embrace the steps required to make this happen.

The Value of Quality Control in Press Fitting Success


When it comes to manufacturing the highest quality press fittings, material choices matter.

Take the example of a potable water system. To avoid the potential of compromising clean water and the relevant safety risks, lead-free materials are recommended.

Viega offers a variety of lead-free materials to meet this need—a list that includes copper, grade 316 stainless steel and our proprietary Zero Lead bronze. These options create the foundation for a high quality drinking water system and, by doing so, make it easier to maintain over time.

Production and Development

The production and development of a press fitting requires a balance of accuracy and speed. Relevant processes must be rooted in efficiency to meet customer demands, while the durability and dependability of each product is crucial to its long-term success.

At Viega, we are regarded for both our efficiency and our reliable engineering. The majority of our manufacturing remains in Germany—where Viega first started—with some plastics production and MegaPress® production in the United States. To maintain consistency between the two, the U.S. manufacturing upholds the same standards of quality as the European facilities.

The combination of German engineering and American ingenuity delivers complete industry solutions to meet your needs.


Before a press fitting is brought to the market, verification is key. Not only does the use of the product in its eventual application need to be tested, but it’s also valuable to go beyond this scope to achieve a higher level of excellence.

Recognizing this, the team at Viega conducts extensive testing on every product. While our products are evaluated to perform in standard conditions via long-term and high-load testing, further measures are taken to ensure the systems can thrive in extreme conditions. For example, our metal piping systems must be able to withstand -30℃ without any harm to their rated specifications.

In the case of new products and techniques, we take our testing one step further. To verify the everyday sustainability of these systems, we stage real-life installations on construction sites that showcase their performance.

Fulfilling the Quality Requirements of Press Fittings

For press fit solutions to be complete, quality control has to be an integral part of a manufacturer’s standards. This factor has become all the more important as the demands on installation technology become increasingly complex.

At Viega, we make quality a priority at every step of the process. With unparalleled confidence in our products and award-winning designs, we’ve helped engineers bring their projects to life in a cost-effective and efficient manner. To learn more about some of the projects we’ve been a part of, see our project profiles.

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