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The ROI of Press Tool Technology Versus Consumables

July 2, 2019 Viega
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Invest in press tool technology rather than always resupplying consumables. With just a portable tool and system-matched press fittings, secure and permanent pipe connections can be made in a matter of seconds.Consumables for pipe joints aren’t just a matter of inconvenience. They are a matter of cost.

While inexpensive on the surface, the demand for consumables never stops with traditional techniques. Whether the project is new or ongoing, consumables are a recurring cost that add up over time and increase with the size of the pipe.

In case you’re wondering what kind of cost savings to expect, we’ve put together a sample bill of materials.

Threading: Consumable Cost Per Joint

Let’s say that a contractor needs to make 1,500 x ½" pipe connections. Based on the material and application of the system, threading is used to form these pipe joints.

With threading as the pipe joining method of choice, the contractor needs a cutting die, cutting oil, Teflon tape and pipe thread compound. Input from industry experts gave us the following approximations about these items:

  • The ½” cutting die has a 1,500-cut life span
  • For those 1,500 cuts, two gallons of cutting oil are used
  • Three wraps of Teflon pipe are used on each pipe joint
  • One pint of pipe thread compound lasts five times as long as the Teflon rolls

At face value, here are the price points associated with each of these consumables:

  • Die: $123.48
  • Cutting oil: $33.27
  • Teflon tape: $15.78
  • Pipe thread compound: $10.32

When you spread these numbers across 1,500 connections, you end up with a total cost of $0.318 per joint.

If you think about this from a long-term perspective, it’s easy to see where the dent in your budget forms. Perform the same job above 50 times over and the consumable bill reaches nearly $24,000.

Consider a scenario where you need a 2" pipe joint to perform the above job. In this case, you have a total cost of $0.749 per joint. Perform this same job 50 times and your consumable bill stretches to more than $56,000.

(While on the topic of costs, it’s also worth mentioning that a threading machine alone will run you about $7,000.)

Save Consumable Costs with Press Tool Technology

While threading is the focus of our example, techniques like soldering and welding introduce the same concerns over consumable costs. Whether you need spools of solder, flux and fuel or welding sticks, grinding discs and a galvanizing spray, you’ll have payments that never cease and are bound to add up.

Eliminating consumable costs is one of the many benefits you’ll get with press tool technology. There’s also no need for open flame and you’ll have the ability to install in any weather condition, so you’ll avoid the cost of fire watches and hot work permits, as well as potential delays in project schedules.

To make the switch to press tool technology and get guidance on your next project, contact the sales team at Viega.

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