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What is the Difference Between Push-Fit and Press Fittings?

August 25, 2020 Viega
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People are always looking for faster, easier ways to get work done so it’s not surprising that push-fit technology has grown in popularity recently, particularly among DIYers.

The promise of an easy fix that can be done by all but the clumsiest of home handymen is hard to resist. That’s why push-fit fittings are largely sold at big box home improvement stores. But how do push-fit connections compare to Viega press fittings?

Professional equipment
Viega is a professional’s choice. Push-fit fittings are largely marketed to DIYers and handymen in addition to homebuilders. Viega is sold mostly to pipefitters, plumbers and HVAC professionals who make a living with their tools and equipment and demand the best equipment.

Less expensive
Viega fittings, in general, cost less than their push-fit counterparts. Of course, there is the expense of a pressing tool, but that cost is quickly recouped through savings on the fittings.

More applications
Push-fit connections are certified for use only with potable water and radiant heating and cooling installations. Viega ProPress copper fittings are certified for a wide range of applications, including potable water, fire sprinkler, low-pressure steam, ethanol, heating fuel oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, lube oil, compressed air, vacuum and more.

Push-fit fittings can be used only with hard copper and a variety of plastic piping (PEX, CPVC, PE-RT, HDPE). Viega ProPress fittings are compatible with copper tube and stainless steel tube and PureFlow fittings are designed for PEX, but Viega also makes MegaPress fittings for other metals, including carbon steel.

More sizes and products
Viega ProPress is available in sizes from ½" to 4". Most push-fit fittings don’t go larger than 2". ProPress has more than 800 CTS configurations with multiple alloys and sealing materials, more than push-fit manufacturers.

There is no evidence that push-fit fittings have a higher failure rate than other methods of joining pipe, but many contractors and plumbers are still reluctant to put them behind walls, in concrete or underground –- even if they’re approved for those applications.

Professionals don’t have those worries with Viega fittings, which have proven themselves over the decades.

Also, only Viega has SmartConnect technology, which makes it easy to identify unpressed connections.

In short, push-fit fittings have their uses, but Viega is still the choice for professionals who want efficiency and reliability.

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