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Uponor PEX Fittings Vs. Viega: Which Is Faster to Install?

August 20, 2019 Viega
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Neither clients nor contractors like surprises in plumbing installations, whether a project timeline that’s much longer than anticipated or delays once work begins.

Rather than have to worry about these unpleasant hiccups, choose a PEX system that enables fast installation speeds under any condition: Viega PureFlow.

The best way to showcase the efficiency of our PEX fittings is to compare it with another PEX system on the market: Uponor AquaPEX.

Installation Factors to Account for with Uponor PEX Fittings

Uponor AquaPEX relies on cold expansion fittings with reinforcing rings to join PEX. In a nutshell, this involves:

  • Cutting the tube
  • Sliding the ring onto the PEX
  • Expanding the PEX
  • Inserting the fitting into the PEX
  • Holding the fitting there until the PEX contracts onto it

(Uponor uses PEX-a. Compared to PEX-b, which Viega uses, PEX-a often has lower performance characteristics.)

The time it takes for PEX to contract can vary. Say you have a larger size PEX tube of 2" or more, or you’re working in cold weather — conditions under which plastics are slower to respond. Either scenario will lengthen the time of contraction, after which you can pressure test.

From an organizational standpoint, contractors working with Uponor AquaPEX also have more components to deal with on-site. So while you fumble around to find the right size rings for Uponor PEX fittings, costs (and frustrations) continue to rise as the clock runs.

How Viega PureFlow Streamlines the Installation Process

With Viega PureFlow Press, the installation process involves fewer steps. Since press sleeves are already built into the fittings, all you have to do is simply insert the fittings and press. That translates into consistent installation times regardless of the PEX size or weather conditions.

Viega PureFlow also eliminates the wait time on pressure tests. Whereas you need to wait for Uponor PEX to contract before you pressure test, you can pressure test immediately with Viega.

While Uponor large diameter fittings may take several minutes to install, Viega PureFlow fittings can still be installed in a matter of seconds, no matter the size. So while five connections in less than five minutes may sound quick, Viega’s approach is still faster.

What About the Security of the Two Systems?

While comparing the installation speeds of Uponor AquaPEX and Viega PureFlow, it’s also important to discuss how the two compare in terms of room for error.

By nature, Uponor AquaPEX requires more of a human touch. When you expand the tubing, you’re putting a stretch mark on it to some degree — and no one likes stretch marks. There’s a chance that you could over-expand the tubing, which can cause microtears that eventually lead to larger tears and leaks. (The number of expansions required depends on the temperature and size of the fitting.)

The press technology of Viega PureFlow joins PEX in a secure and consistent manner. Not only does this route avoid the expansion of the PEX, but Viega’s Smart Connect technology makes it easy for installers to identify unpressed connections and avoid the potential for leaks.

Ready to learn more about how Viega PureFlow sets you up for success? Browse our interactive resource — home to best practices for PEX installation.

Achieve the PEX plumbing results you want. Here's what it takes.

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