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Viega Plumbing Fittings Help New Resorts Take Shape

September 25, 2018 Viega
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As a second home to vacationers, resorts look to incorporate the latest amenities and innovations into their operations. Whether it’s on-site restaurants, bars or swimming pools, the goal is to not only attract potential guests but also to turn them into repeat customers.

This, of course, requires more than just the amenities themselves. Resorts must have the means and methods to ensure a smooth experience for vacationers from start to finish.

An important part of this is the plumbing technology in place. That’s why many resorts are choosing Viega’s press technology for their new construction and renovation projects.

One example is CityCenter in Las Vegas, Nevada…

Installing Plumbing Fittings in the ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter

Built along the Las Vegas strip in Nevada, CityCenter is an almost 17 million square-foot resort that stretches across 76 acres. The center is home to a number of different projects, including the ARIA Resort & Casino—an award-winning resort with 4,000+ rooms, 16 restaurants, 10 bars and lounges and three pools with 50 cabanas.

With a campus in Nevada, Southland Industries was selected to lead the installation of piping systems in the ARIA. As the company’s standard, and based on the plumbing superintendent’s experience working with Viega plumbing fittings since 1999, the choice of technology was an easy one.

In the case of the CityCenter project, the team installed Viega ProPress® in sizes 2" and smaller. These systems covered drinking and chilled water, as well as reverse osmosis water and landscaping feeds.

Beyond the value of the innovative plumbing fittings, Southland Industries has found Viega’s experience and service beneficial as well.

“The knowledge and the support that Viega provides is far above and beyond the others,” the plumbing superintendent noted. “It’s the way of the future.”

Plumbing Technology that Helps Resorts Flourish

The smooth operation of resorts goes far beyond what the eye can see. High-quality plumbing systems are necessary for vacation spots to maintain the comfort of their guests while also keeping the property looking its best. That’s the exact role Viega press technology fulfills.

This project is just one of many that Viega plumbing fittings have helped advance. Find additional examples here.

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