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Viega ProPress: A Single System for Many Applications

July 17, 2018 Viega
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When a project requires multiple piping solutions in different materials and sizes, it can be a challenge to get all of your needs met by a single source. The smaller the catalog of products that a vendor offers, the more likely it is that you’ll need to endure the time-consuming process of reaching out to multiple vendors for appropriate solutions.

Viega ProPress® is a system that saves you this hassle. Available in both copper and stainless steel with multiple configurations, this innovative product is designed to suit a variety of applications to meet the needs of industry professionals. In fact, Viega ProPress Copper is approved for more applications than any other press fittings system and Viega ProPress Stainless is approved for more than 225 applications.

Here’s a look at some of the applications where the product excels.

4 Applications of Viega ProPress

Potable Water

In recent years, the demand for lead-free, easy-to-install potable water systems has increased. This is in part due to laws designed to remove lead from plumbing fixtures as well as efforts to encourage growth in the market.

Viega ProPress delivers the best of both worlds: clean, safe connections that can be made in just a matter of seconds. Complementary features like double drop elbows and the venturi press insert help further reduce stagnation and improve water quality.

Fire Protection

A trustworthy protection system is the best source of defense against fires. Not only does this help save lives and reduce property loss, but it can also lower homeowner insurance premiums and improve the chances of qualifying a home for a tax rebate.

Tested and approved Viega ProPress is suitable for NFPA 13, 13D and 13R fire sprinkler systems, with complexities that range from a one-family house to industrial factories. The reliable integrated system solutions deliver confidence at each step of the fire protection installation process and reduce the need for callbacks.

Chemical Process Lines

Joining chemical process lines in a commercial or industrial environment comes with its fair share of concerns. Processes like threading have the potential to wear away the pipe wall and cause damage, while the use of an open flame around hazardous materials introduces safety risks.

With Viega ProPress Stainless, you have entirely flameless technology that is able to withstand corrosive chemicals—even those as strong as 98 percent sulfuric acid. Secure, consistent connections ensure that the pipe wall integrity is maintained and that the stability of the entire system is upheld.

Greywater Systems

Rather than disposing of gently used water from homes, greywater systems offer a more sustainable route. Water that would otherwise enter sewage treatment is repurposed for safe practices like landscape irrigation, helping to conserve water as well as reduce monthly costs.

Viega ProPress ensures that pipe designs are optimized for efficient water flow from one source to the next. Further customization via the choice of a factory-designed sealing element—one of three available with the product—fosters greater confidence in the installation process.

Ready to learn more about the value of Viega ProPress to piping projects? You’ll find plenty of examples in our project profile section.

We also encourage you to get a free copy of our eBook, "How Viega ProPress Helps You Grow & Succeed in the Market".

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