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ProPress Vs Solder: How to Compare

May 29, 2018 Viega
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Installing piping systems has always been an integral part of new construction and renovation. After all, the utilities they help route—from drinking water to heating—are a large portion of what makes these spaces functional.

But what has changed is the means of installation.

Traditionally, soldering is used to join piping systems. While this process enables connections to be made, what many contractors don’t realize is that there are more efficient and reliable techniques available.

That leads us to the Viega ProPress® an innovative pipe joining system that combines high quality and speed for a variety of materials.

What Sets Viega ProPress Apart From Soldering

When soldering pipe connections, a number of elements can introduce poor bonds. Joints may be subjected to movement during the solidification process, fail to completely melt, or overheat. Any one of these missteps can create the potential for cracks and leaks in piping systems.

Smart Connect® technology in Viega’s products, including ProPress, helps eliminate these uncertainties. Contractors can easily identify unpressed connections, allowing them to complete projects with confidence and avoid costly repairs.

What also separates Viega ProPress from soldering is its degree of versatility. Connections can be made in wet or dry conditions, helping contractors stay on schedule and streamline maintenance. The flameless press technology also eliminates the need for burn permits or fire watches that can stall productivity and introduce safety concerns.

The advantages of Viega ProPress extend to installation speed as well. With the press system, secure pipe connections can be made in seven seconds or less. This is significantly faster than the time it takes to make these same connections with soldering.

Build Pipe Connections with Viega ProPress

Ensuring the efficiency and reliability of pipe connections is crucial to the success of each project. With the use of Viega ProPress, you can confirm that these needs are met and give yourself more room to grow in the market.

Interested in seeing some real-world examples of our technology at work? Browse our project profiles for a range of applications.

We also encourage you to check out our latest eBook, "How Viega ProPress Helps You Grow & Succeed in the Market".

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