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Viega simplifies the installation process for Seismic Shutoff

September 28, 2022 Viega
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When you are working in a region that’s considered a high-risk area by the U.S. Geological Survey, you become well-versed in safety risk aversion solutions. Seismic Shutoff installs earthquake valves on gas systems in Washington, Oregon, and California for residential, commercial and industrial customers. The company covers about 1,600 miles along the West Coast and turned to Viega for a solution that simplifies the installation process.

Jim Collins, managing director of Seismic Shutoff, has completed more than 20 projects for a commercial client that has locations all over the West Coast. On a recent project for this client in Santa Rosa, California, Collins used the Viega MegaPressG 3" flange assembly on either side of a Seismic Shutoff earthquake valve.

An earthquake valve will stop the flow of gas to a line automatically when an earthquake magnitude of 5.2 or higher is detected. This prevents gas from building up in the line and reduces the risk of fires and gas explosions.

Using MegaPressG fittings including flanges, couplings, and unions simplified the installation for Collins. “The application fits so well for us. Using MegaPress, there is no welding, so it eliminates the need for a hot work permit, which saves us a lot of time and logistics. We can complete projects without having to engage subcontractors, which when you have 1,600 miles of coastline to cover, can be a huge time saver. Viega has advanced the technology so that we can do these types of projects in a less complicated way.”

Seismic Shutoff will also be using Viega fittings in an upcoming project for a food production facility in Southern California. This project will involve splitting 700 feet of 6" gas lines into two 4" lines. Using MegaPressG valves will allow the reset of the seismic valves without having to shut the gas off at the assembly and not having to bleed the lines.

For Collins, partnering with Viega makes projects like this easier to execute. “The accessibility and opportunity to get Viega parts has become much easier. Working with their team is incredible. I was on a jobsite and Dan Klagenberg, District Manager, drove an hour to loan me a tool I needed to complete a project on a senior living facility. I can’t say enough about the support of Viega’s team.”

Viega is the first and only press manufacturer to be able to say its press products in copper, carbon steel, and stainless-steel, including valves, have passed the highest U.S. seismic standards, and after recent testing have increased its rating to 200 psi for air and 300 psi for water. Learn more about Viega’s recent seismic certifications here.

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