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How Viega Training Helps You Succeed in the Market

April 23, 2019 Viega
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Viega training is like the saying "relationships are a two-way street." When someone invests in you, you invest in them. That’s the recipe for the best outcome.

At Viega, we are firm believers in this. “We want to go beyond ‘here’s our product, good luck,’” said Bo DeAngelo, Viega’s Manager of Technical Training. “Our goal is to provide customers with the education and skills they need to be most successful with our products and in their craft.”

That’s why we’ve established an extensive training program that benefits apprentice to master level installers and experienced engineers alike.

How Our Training Programs Have Evolved

When Viega first opened its New Hampshire Seminar Center in 2006, press technology had been in the U.S. for barely seven years. Training was geared mostly toward introducing people to its use, as well as the design and installation of Viega products.

Since then, we’ve cast a wider net. Not only do we offer more design and software training, but we’ve also created more opportunities to learn new plumbing and pipefitting skills. One example is the Radiant Installer course. With discussion around basic design considerations and thorough hands-on skills and tricks of the trade experts, this course is a great option for those trying to enhance their knowledge of integrating radiant technology.


Viega’s brand new Colorado Seminar Center.

Typically, training sessions are half classroom lecture and half hands-on workshop, with a class size around 15 people to optimize and enhance learning. This allows opportunities for attendees — many of whom are returning guests — to build connections and experience Viega products first-hand, from simple pressing demonstrations to piping skills, to torture tests. Meanwhile, attendees can see products installed in logical applications and browse videos and functioning displays in the Interactive Learning Center (ILC). With plenty of chances to pause and investigate, this space generates a lot of interest and questions from contractors and engineers.


Seminar attendees interact with Viega products in the ILC.

In addition to these ample learning opportunities, we also aim to make the experience fun for attendees. Maybe it’s joining you for a baseball game at night or dinner downtown. No matter the choice, we’ll make sure your visit includes some bonus activities!

The Value of Viega Training Programs

Outside of helping contractors find ways to be faster and more profitable in the field, Viega training programs also address another issue: the labor force of the future.

A reduction in high school shop classes and vocational training over the years means that kids aren’t getting exposure to plumbing and pipefitting skills. The outreach that Viega training provides to students helps feed the workforce and prevent labor shortages.

As the industry undergoes changes, so does the focus of our training. While always an open discussion, Viega team members meet multiple times yearly in New Hampshire and Colorado to talk about how to evolve training programs. We evaluate what we currently do and what we’re going to work on for the future — all with the goal of customer success at the forefront.

As DeAngelo notes: “We are committed to our customers. Not just with our product, but also the skills necessary to be successful.”

To browse available training programs at both our seminar locations and register online, visit the training section of our website. We can also tailor training specifically to a group of customers. To inquire further, call us at 800-976-9819 or fill out the form here.

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