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Viega’s Long History with Pressing Tools

April 27, 2021 Viega
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Viega-designed press tools are new to the North American market, but they’ve been workplace staples in Europe and elsewhere for decades.

“Viega invented press technology so, of course, we had to invent the tools to go with it,” said Christian Rischen, Vice President for R&D, Piping Systems, at Viega’s headquarters in Attendorn, Germany.

Viega built its first press tool in 1989 and has continuously improved on that model, going from corded to cordless and upgrading the power, features and capabilities. The company is now on its sixth iteration of the first tool.

However, until recently, these Viega tools were unavailable in North America where contractors pressed Viega fittings with tools from RIDGID, Milwaukee, Hilti and other brands.

Last year, Viega made the tools available in the U.S. and Canada. “Given the performance record our tools have in Europe and the dedicated following they’ve earned, we thought it was a good time to introduce them to the contractors who’ve made our fittings so popular,” Rischen said.

Viega Pressgun 6 and Pressgun Picco 6

The tools that Viega has brought to the North American market are the Pressgun 6 and the Pressgun Picco 6. The Pressgun 6 is a no-frills workhorse that can press up to 4" ProPress copper and stainless and 2" MegaPress with the V2 actuator and rings, as well as 2" PureFlow. The Pressgun Picco 6 can press up to 1¼" ProPress with standard jaws or the C1 actuator and rings, 1½" PureFlow and ¾" MegaPress.

Both come with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery and charger, which offers 25% more presses per charge than the previous battery. The battery also features forward and backward compatibility with RIDGID batteries, chargers and tools. Both tools are made by RIDGID, which has manufactured Viega tools for decades.

Tool and jaws development at Viega is an ongoing process driven by customer demand, technological advances and the emergence of new markets, Rischen said. Typically, Viega engineers develop the tool specs and RIDGID builds to order.

Using Viega tools with Viega fittings ensures complete compatibility and the highest performance, Rischen said.

“Getting them all from one partner is the best way. The Viega tools are tested and approved to fulfill all the requirements of the system. Even a small difference in details could have an impact on pressing,” he said.

And, because they’re available at a lower price than other brands, the Pressgun 6 and Pressgun Picco 6 are making it possible for more contractors to realize the many benefits of pressing.

Want to learn more about Viega tools?

See product overviews of the Pressgun 6 and Pressgun Picco 6 from Viega technical consultant, Bo DeAngelo in these videos. We also cover what contractors think of Viega press tools in this blog.



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